Hero Realms Explores Kickstarter

Yesterday say the start of the next White Wizard Games Kickstarter project.

Due to hit October sometime (always take these estimated delivery dates with a pinch of salt, although White Wizard Games have been pretty good in hitting theirs in the past) Hero Realms is a deck building game using the Star Realms engine with some RPG elements thrown in.

Naturally I've backed the project not just for myself but also for Nath as well. I love Star Realms, Epic is a good game, so the track record for me is a good one (I've erased Cthulhlu Realms from TMG from my mind and history).

Within 24 hours they have hit their modest $100k target (at time of writing they are just shy of $145k) so stretch goals are starting to be unlocked like promo cards.

If you want to go see what all the fuss is about or back it, you can visit the Kickstarter page HERE


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