Good Timing

Sometimes things just work out nicely. Today is one of those times.

Tonight there is a games night at The Kings Head (hope people turn up this time).

However when I got home a package was waiting for me. I quickly ripped it open to see its contents.

Well I had guessed its contents before opening, this should be the copy of Cthulhu Realms I bought off Chris Shaner. When I found out he had picked up some extra copies at GenCon and wanted to know who wanted to buy a copy. I snapped his fingers off. Turned out I wasn't the only one and managed to get the last spare copy Chris had. A quick PayPal transfer and the deal had been sealed.

So back to my excited ripping open on the newly arrived package. Wait what's this around the box? OMG! This is awesome. Wrapped around the copy of Cthulhu Realms was a play mat for AGES!

Wow! I wasn't expecting that. What a big surprise. A very very nice surprise. The playmat looks amazing. I can wait to play the game on this mat.

But that wasn't the last surprise. On the side of the Cthulhu Realms box was a Nikola Tesla promo card for AGES.

The photo doesn't show it too well. But it's shiney ^__^

So I really can't say thank you enough to Chris for his very generous surprises, plus being prepared to ship a copy of Cthulhu Realms to the UK. Which isn't on sale here yet I believe (but is due to hit pretty soon).

So now you know what I'm taking to the game night tonight. AGES (got to use that awesome playmat) and Cthulhu Realms and maybe Arctic Scavenger. Think there is a theme to the games I'm taking tonight.


2 thoughts on “Good Timing

  1. Gah, I’d have grabbed a copy of Cthulhu Realms if I’d known, it looks interesting as a Star Realms “fork”…

    Let us know what you think.

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