Gloomhaven Second Printing Kickstarter Live

The Kickstarter for the second printing of Gloomhaven (click HERE and then come back) has just gone live. 

Don’t worry it funded in minutes. 

This nice image I stole from the Kickstarter page shows what you can get this time around.

But this other stolen image shows what comes in the box.

So why should you care? 

Apart from those that backed the original Kickstarter project (good call by the way), only a small handful were luckily enough to get a retail copy of the game. Why? I can only give my theory that the publisher grossly underestimated demand. It worked out that your and my FLGS and online retailers would only get one copy of the game. Leaving a lot of people a little sad and desperate to play the game.

You see Gloomhaven once in the hands of reviewers started getting glowing reviews. Then people started playing it, and they too loved it. So much so that Gloomhaven is sitting at number eleven on the BGG top 100 games of all time. I think once this second printing hits it will break into the top ten.

So as you can imagine copies of Gloomhaven fetch a bit more than it’s retail price of approx £120. If they go up for sale at all. The original Kickstarter backers paid $79 plus any postage. Yeah! 

So not quite as generous for this second printing on the savings, but $99 is still a nice price. Enough to allow getting the extras for not to far off the retail price.

So saving money, getting more for your hard earned cash, it also means you are going to get a copy and not have to enter a royal rumble to get one when it hits retail again (if it does). 

What more do you need?

Oh people to play with! Ok they don’t provide those with the game. But there is a solo mode for the game.

Will this beat CMoN and Rising Sun? Will it come close to Kingdom Death Monster? I think no for KDM, and possible for bodily fluids Rising Sun.

Right bugger off and back this so you get your copy. 

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