Gloomhaven Second Printing Kickstarter Hits $1 million on first day

That headline says it all. I’m gobsmacked. According to the first project update yesterday it funded in 5 minutes.

There are no stretch goals for this project, or Kickstarter exclusives. It’s worth looking at the FAQ for the honest and accurate responses from the publisher about them.

However… “It is time for the start of the community-driven mini campaign!” Which supporters can play using a copy of the game (physical or virtual in Table Top Simulator), and then vote on its direction. 

So there will be a new scenario every third day of the Kickstarter, starting today, and then a road event in between each of those, giving you a 10-scenario mini campaign over the course of the Kickstarter.

I don’t plan on ever releasing these scenarios in any printed form. The PDFs will always exist, but taken out of the context of the Kickstarter, it will just be an extremely linear campaign. The charm is that you as the community will get to decide what happens next, so please come on this journey with me, have a great time, and don’t worry about spoiling yourself, because this story is intended to be experienced now.

How cool is that? That sure is a cool way to engage with the supporters during the campaign. A very unique one as well. So none of these CMoN cool extra minis stretch goals, just the original game and a handful of extras.

So with no “stretch goal tricks” fuelling it Gloomhaven has blown through the $1 million barrier in under 24 hours. 

That is incredible. Will it keep this up and smash the amount raised by Man Juice’s Rising Sun of $4 million? How close will it get to Kingdom Death Monsters $12 million? There is still 26 days of this campaign left. It will dip, it will slow down. But will it pickup again in the final week?

If the unmet demand for first printing is anything to go by (I saw the number 20,000 somewhere for pre-order, and 2,000 copies going to stores), there is at least 7,000 more potential backers to come. But also now there is a lot of buzz, word of mouth, the gaming forums were buzzing yesterday about the game, so there may now also be even more who want the game yet to pull the trigger and commit. 

This is going to be fun watching and finding out the answers. It should also be a blast playing along with the campaign during the Kickstarter. 

So if you are curious or want to get in on the Gloomhaven experience you can back the project HERE and pre-order your copy.

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