Gloomhaven Second Printing – Funded

Unsurprisingly the second printing of Gloomhaven funded this morning. So my bank account is a bit smaller today.

But look at that final funded total. Two more games (with delivery) would have taken it through the $4 million barrier. 

It was within $300k of matching the Eric Langa Ding Dongs and CMoNs oriental version of A Game of Thrones – Rising Sun. Which is phenomenal. Especially when you consider Gloomhaven didn’t have to rely on cheap (well not so cheap to produce) theatrics of amazing looking minis and Kickstarter exclusives.

The great thing is delivery is expected in August. So barring any unforeseen events, September should see the start of the campaign.

With 7th Continent also hopefully arriving around the same time. Plus Pandemic Legacy Season 2 also dropping in this crowded slot. This Autumn is going to be a scheduling nightmare.

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