Gloomhaven – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Once more the merry band of adventurers gathered one Sunday afternoon to head off to seek fame and fortune. Oh yeah, there may be spoilers ahead. So if you want to avoid them please head off and read some of my other posts, or something more interesting elsewhere (which is more likely).

Our band of brothers and sisters had decided to help the merchant make an “example” of some caravan raiders. We arrived at the Inox Encampment in the Dagger Forest where these caravan raiders were camped.

My secret objective for this scenario was simple kill three or less enemies. I could do that I thought. I’ll just deliver the finishing blow to an enemy once one of the others had done all the work. I’ll sit back then, do some damage, heal the others, and hopefully stay alive long enough to see the end of the mission.

To get our reward from the merchant all we had to do was kill 20 Inox. Yeah we were making that sort of “example”. Would the metaphorical 30 pieces of silver we would receive upon completing the mission be enough to ease our conscience?

Charlie and Justin went to the left and took on the Inox guards and archers that side. While Edmund and myself went right to deal with the threat that side. We had started our mission with 3 damage already. So my first action was to heal myself with a healing potion. I think my Glamdalf is the weakest health wise of the party. So I needed to make sure I was able to survive a hit or two.

I did manage to kill an Inox guard, went invisible with my invisibility cloak, hid behind our Inox brawler that was Edmunds character. I can’t imagine how that big brute felt killing his own kind for money. But picking up the extra money left behind by their fallen corpses must of made it easier. While we were ducking and diving, stabbing and slashing. Justin was busy letting Charlie take the slings and arrows thrown at them on the left. Which eventually left to Charlie becoming exhausted and out of this mission, midway through.

If we were going to succeed I needed to abandon my secret objective and step up and get my magic ridden hands even bloodier than they were. By the time the body count had reached the target needed to set an “example” to these caravan raiding Inox I had killed 5. But more importantly I was just short of reaching enough experience Glamdalf to get to level 2 and those 2 spells I could add in.

On return to Gloomhaven we got into a bar fight that pushed me over the line to get my hands on those level 2 spell parchments. Now we have to decide if we are going to do more dirty work for this merchant. Or help the city watch take down this apparently up to no good merchant.

Through out this hack and slash mission I definitely was managing my cards better. At no point did I feel that I was going to be exhausted or getting close to that point. So Iflix was a lot happier with that side of things.

This mission was very much a kill everything in sight. No emphasise on exploring, or getting a particular item. I have to admit this mission kind of reminded me of the US Cavalry and the American Indians. Were we really the good guys in this? I think morally it was ambiguous at best. Were we the cavalry riding into that native village, killing anything that moved? Am I reading too much into this mission, or am I right to feel a little uncomfortable with it?

Netflix/Amazon Prime Recommendations

Netflix and Amazon knocked it out of the park this weekend with two new releases. You want a great cyberpunk sci-fi series to watch? Go watch the amazing Altered Carbon. Want a gritty, suspenseful mystery, that leads you down several plot dead ends before the big reveal then watch Absentia.

I really enjoyed both of these series. Very different, but also very similar in many ways to. Just watch both you won’t regret it.

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