Getting windy in Scythe

Fans of the game Scythe (my game of 2016) will be very excited by this image.

What does this image mean? Why are we wetting our pants (that’s English pants not American ones) over this?

This image is the teaser for the second expansion for Scythe. But to go along with it Jamey Stegmaier has written a blog post that reveals more details about what to expect in this expansion.

So in summary (I don’t want to just copy and paste, you can go read Jamey’s words for yourself – link at the end), there will be two expansions in the box. The first originally designed by a fan adds airships to the game. Hey we are getting new miniatures for these as well. 

The second half of the expansion adds a resolution tile that adds a twist to the end of the game, and effects your decisions during the game!

Personally I didn’t think Scythe needed another expansion. If there had not been another one announced I’d have been more than happy with what I have. 

But I’m not going to turn new stuff away. I’ve just got to work out how everything is going to fit into one box. It’s tight now. I may have to make an insert.

It would be fair to say Scythe has been a hit. I think it was said that by April 100,000 copies sold. Which for a “hobby” game is massive. And it still appears to be selling out whenever stock hits the shelves of stores. Plus what’s even more incredible is that the extras like the metal coins are also selling like hot cakes.

The game walked away with a truck load of awards at the recent BGG awards, voted for by the game buying/playing public.

So this new expansion when it comes out later in the year, is I’m suspecting going to be flying off the shelf in to the grubby mits of gamers faster than me after free cake. So you have been warned. 

Read the full post by Jamey Stegmaier HERE

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