Gaming with Nath – Sunday

The saying goes “let sleeping dogs lie” (which Loki seems to think doesn't apply to Strider but that's another story for another day) and it also applies to teenagers and Nath. So despite me being awake earlier today than the previous day, Nath didn't rise from his resurrection pit until after midday once more.

By the time he'd had a nicotine fix (which he kindly had after making me a caffeine fix), his extremely long shower (a habit he has never ever grown out of) we sat down to play another game of Roll for the Galaxy.

Well it made sense considering I'd left it set up still from playing our first game of it last night.

Once more Nath won but by a smaller margin this time, just a couple of points.

Imperial Settlers

Nath didn't enjoy this game, he hadn't got his head round it before it was time to drop him off to work.

We were both learning the game at the same time. Which didn't help. I had found time to watch a couple of videos earlier on playing the game. They helped a little, especially in the setup.

We had barely enough time to play the first round and start a second, before it was time to run Nath to work.

I did like the card drafting mechanic the game has, that stops the last player choosing from being at too much of a disadvantage and having the first player having a big advantage. Basically the game has two drafts. In the first draft the first player chooses first. While in the second draft the last player to choose in the previous draft gets to choose first, meaning the previous first player chooses last. I think that explains it!

I really need to play a game or two now to the end. But this made a great intro for me to the game despite and sadly Nath not enjoying it. I do hope he will give the game another chance.

Games added to my wish list

  • Dark Moon – a hidden traitor dice game which gives the Battlestar Galactica experience but in a much shorter time frame.
  • Spectre Ops – which has been described as Metal Gear Solid the board game. I've watched a couple of vids recently about the game and I have to admit it has grown on me a lot.


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