Gaming Friday Part 1

This morning I made a trip to my FLGS The Hobbit Hole in Chatteris. They had put aside for me the latest three Heroes and Villians for Imperial Assault, so it was time to pay and collect.

I hit Chatteris at nine, an hour before the store opened. So I found a really nice little coffee shop, had a rather nice cheese and ham omlette with a latte for breakfast. The cake also looked very very tempting, but I resisted (shocking I know).

But even after having breakfast there was still time to kill before The Hobbit Hole opened. So I did some window shopping of the shop. It was at this point I spotted a copy of Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalker on the shops shelves!

This visit was going to be more expensive than I had planned.

Every time I've been to The Hobbit Hole it has always been welcoming. The owner opened up the store a little early for me, when they saw me outside. Which with the crap weather outside was much appreciated.

As my purchases were being put through, the owners seven (I think) year old daughter came down and started to distract her mum. So I asked her if she played games with her mum and dad, and what her favourite was. The little girl went straight over to a table in the middle of the store with Seven Wonders on it and said this. She had been playing it all week since they had got the game in.

The little girl then said she was going to ask if I wanted to play Seven Wonders. So after paying for my stash of gaming goodness, the three of us sat down to play a game of Seven Wonders, with the daughter called Sam in her pink Disney princess dress teaching us both how to play, because her mum had not played the game before.

It was pretty cool being taught by one so young. Apparently Sam also plays Magic, and participates in the Friday Night Magic stuff.

Sam royally thrashed both her mum and I at the game.

This was definitely a pleasant turn of events for the day. Seven Wonders is one of the games I have wanted to try, and I thought my first opportunity would be at the demo/tournament day that is going to be held at The Hobbit Hole mid November. I'm still going to the demo day, but now I know I'll have a good time. I just hope I don't have to face Sam in the tournament, my money is on her to win it

Dabbling With The Darkside

I had always said I'll not touch Magic with a barge pole. The whole CCG thing wasn't for me. It's a money pit, especially if you want to be competitive. It's one of the reasons I like the LCG format.

However I do enjoy watching the Spellslingers show on Geek 'n Sundry when they show it, which is a Magic the Gathering show. Plus when it was announced that Heroscape was finally getting re-released in the form of Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers, I thought cool I've wanted to try Heroscape but it's another one of those games that's out of print and goes for silly money.

So temptation in my way I was going to cave and get the Heroscape update with the Magic theming.

So why did I buy an intro Magic deck? I thought I can be a casual player, I can handle it. I'll just dip my toe in the water. It will help me get more into the theme of Arena of the Planeswalkers. That's the thought process of this addict anyway.

Below the stuff I actually visited The Hobbit Hole for.

Then finally the latest volume of The a Walking Dead graphic novel dropped through the door. So my weekend reading has been arranged.

Keep an eye out later for Part Two of this post where I try my hand at being a craft beer brewer when I take part in a Game of Brew Crafters.


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