Gambling on pledge managers

During the early hours of the morning I received an email from the people behind “The 7th Continent” to confirm my address, what I had actually paid for, and more importantly add any “extras” to my order.

I had gambled that this last bit would happen. At the time of the Kickstarter for “The 7th Continent” I didn't have the funds to back very thing I wanted. Which was also the case for the other Kickstarter funded game The Others, and I also did the same gamble.

The gamble was I backed the game with all the stretch goals, and the Kickstarter exclusive addons. That way if when the backer manager link was sent I didn't get an opportunity to buy the other addons, at least I had the exclusives and would just have to wait until the other expansions hit the retailers.

With The Others the gamble paid off and I was able to add the extra addons to my Kickstarter pledge. Thus picking up a little saving on their purchase. Which is the advantage of getting them via the Kickstarter the publisher usually gives a little discount on each addon.

When I clicked on the pledge manager link for “The 7th Continent” there was a moments suspense about whether the gamble had paid off this time. Once again it had. I was able to add to my pledge the outstanding addons (minus the notepad) that I was unable to afford in my initial pledge on Kickstarter.

And that is why I take the gamble. At the time of the Kickstarter finishing I may not have the funds available to get everything I'd like. So I try as I have already said get a level that gives me the game and all the stretch goals, and the exclusive to Kickstarter backers addons. Then hope that later on I am able to purchase the rest of the addons when the pledge manager kicks in.

This was I am able to split the cost of buying the game and the addons. But the addons aren't necessary, and could wait until they are available to retailers.

You could argue that going “all in” as I call it is taking a big risk. What if I don't like the game? That's what eBay and the selling and trading page on Facebook is for.

In the meantime I know that in March and October if the campaigns keep to their schedule I'm getting two pretty big deliveries. If I remember correctly for The Others just the game and the stretch goals I'm getting just over $300 worth stuff for $100! Then add on all the addons for the game I'm getting. That box won't be small.

Yes the box for “7th Continent” will be smaller, but you will be surprised how heavy all those cards will be. I think the only addon I haven't gone for is the notebook they are selling. I couldn't see the point of buying a branded notebook. Otherwise by buying the addons on, I'm saving three or four euros per addon. Which may not sound much, but it's still money better in my pocket than some-one else's.


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