Future Stuff To Look For

Thought I'd do a little post about a couple of things to look out for coming out in the future, instead of next week.

First up we look at a game that first came out in 2004, got a second edition in 2010, and that is…

Avalon Hill(Hasbro)/Wizards of the Coast last week announced that this fall (whose betting it turns out to be Halloween?) are releasing the very first expansion for the game, Widow's Walk.

The expansion will be adding twenty new room tiles that expand the house up onto the roof! An amazing fifty new haunts, new monsters, items and events.

I think this announcement took everyone by surprise, and also got a lot of people excited at the same time. Does this allow Betrayal to get some sort of award for longest time between game coming out and it's first expansion arriving?

The other thing to look out for happened on Kickstarter this week, unsurprisingly smashing through its funding target in less than a day, and that's Darksouls the boardgame.

A dungeon crawl based on the popular video game franchise it was a sure thing to get funded. There is a backing level aimed at your FLGS. Which is cool. However it does put people in a quandary if their FLGS is a backer. Do you support your FLGS and buy from them, or back yourself and get the game with the stretch goals (extra stuff) that don't come with the version that FLGS get? It's this decision I don't find cool.

Anyway this project isn't due to hit until at least April 2017 so a year basically if they hit their deadlines.

Anyway that's it for this post, hope you found it useful.


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