Future plans part 2

Yesterday Jonathan messaged me about going to the first Tabletop Gaming Live expo/show next September. I’d thought about it when the show was first announced a couple of moths or so back. And had been put off really by the fact it was in London. I was convinced accommodation would be expensive and hard to get, after all its London. I’d even thought of investigating the cost of air bnb. But still it’s in London! I hate London. I always have. So I try and keep my visits to the place to a minimum.

Anyway Jonathan pointed out that the hotel he’d found was still cheap at the moment. I had a look at the link he provided, and £40 for the night was good. Sadly the breakfast option at this Travelodge was not tempting at all. It’s basically a packed breakfast, not a cooked full English. So I booked for one night. Which means I have to get up early on the Saturday to get to the show.

After booking, which Jonathan was doing at the same time as I was. Jonathan very generously said we could car share using his car. I was thinking train. If I hate London I really do hate driving in London. Jonathan making this very generous offer means that I’m not limited to what I can carry on a train for purchases. Although if the last couple of UKGE have been any guide, I’m not one of those that go to the shows to spend lots on binge purchasing of games. Particularly this year I went with no list of stuff to buy at all.

I’ve just got to buy the show tickets now. I have accommodation all sorted for both. I’ll sort show tickets out in the new year.

I know this blog has a small but exclusive readership, but hopefully I’ll see one or two of you at the shows next year.

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