Friday Evening Gaming Half Term Edition

The last day of half term started off with Edmund, and Jonathan being regaled with my tales of woe about the Sub Terra kickstarter. I have to say the publisher ITB have left a very bad taste in the mouth, making me less than enthusiastic about the game. There is no way I will ever back or buy one of their games again. In the meantime all I want is for them to fix the mistakes and missing items in my copy of the game. Then I need to decide if I want to keep the game or sell it on. 

After hearing my tales of deceit, poor quality control, broken promises and general inability to organise a piss up at a brewery we switched to lying and bluffing playing the classic Perudo aka Liars Dice. Which thinking about it is the game that best describes ITB.

While we were partaking in this battle of wits, Diego arrived. By the time he had purchased his usual beverage, Edmund was on the brink of being eliminated. 

It was just Jonathan and I, and three dice between us. In the end I was proven to be the biggest liar and bluffer.

For a city I hate, I sure like London (Second Edition). This time we were playing with the full player count. And with the help of Edmund a correction to a major misplay from the first play last weekend.

The rules correction did impact how many times we ran our cities, well for Jonathan and I. It added another element to consider, hand size. Last weekend we hadn’t been adding in poverty for each card in our hand when running our cities. It did make us run our cities less.

London held up well with the maximum player count. I liked it as a two player game and at the full count. There aren’t many games that can do this.

Edmund won the game after having to go to a tie breaker with Diego. More importantly I was third. Only four points behind them.

And that was our Friday evening of gaming. 

4 thoughts on “Friday Evening Gaming Half Term Edition

  1. Yup, the Sub Terra, and Statecraft, Kickstarters have not been shining examples of how to deliver on a campaign.

    Sub Terra certainly seemed to be a well run campaign, but the actual execution has be very much less so.

    Once Peter has sorted out my missing and additional tiles, I must give it a play with an open mind.

    The tiles are very dark and hard to make out, quite poor graphic design/printing.

    1. Normally I’m excited to get a new arrival to the table. But I feel so deflated about this game now. Trying to must the enthusiasm to do so.
      Which version did you get?

  2. Just the plain version, so all the more annoying that I’ve had to wait since UKGE to get it. Could have bought it at the Expo, MONTHS ago. Ans now I have the seemingly pervasive incorrect assortment on tiles that many backers are reporting. Have you checked yours?

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