Formula D League Finale

Wednesday saw the final race of our mini Formula D league on the base games track.

Once more our starting positions were decided using the handicapped system previously suggested by Jonsthan. Which is basically reverse finishing order of the previous race. So the winner is at the back, while the loser is in pole position. 

So with Jo a no show for this final race, and dropping valuable points, she had consolidated her place as last overall.

Having two comprehensive wins previously Katie was the clear overall leader. The best I could hope for was to win and for Katie to not finish, and then I could draw with her. All Katie needed to do was cross the finish line and score to cement her victory.

In reality this race would be all about Jonathan and myself fighting it out for the scraps or more accurately second place.

Jonathan stalled at the start once more! Going into the the first three stop corner I was still in the lead. Coming out of it somehow Katie was in front, and I was last!

How does she do this? There is some trickery going on here.

For the rest of the race Katie held onto her lead pretty convincingly. Whilst Jonathan and I battled it out for second place. Which for a lot of the race looked like a battle Jonathan was winning.

Everything came down to the final four corners. As we negotiated them it looked like we might even steal first place from Katie at one point. But that was false hope. 

With some “brave” (read over shooting and taking wear points) driving, I took second away from Jonathan, as Katie pulled away. 

Katie easily scored her third win, making that a clean sweep of victories.

I came in second, while Jonathan limped in third. Jonathan and I had both been driving on the edge and had finished with barely any wear points left.

So the final standings were:

  1. Katie (9 points – 1/1/1)
  2. Me (5 points – 2/3/2)
  3. Jonathan (3 [not the 4 I originally put – thank you Martin for pointing this big mistake out] points DNF/2/3)
  4. Jo (1 point 3/4/DNS)

DNF – Did not finish

DNS – Did not start

A great three race season, using the beginner rules. There will be another second season starting in the Autumn using the Advanced rules, and possibly an extra track (finances permitting). 

Our hope is the advance rules will slow down the winning machine that is Katie!

6 thoughts on “Formula D League Finale

  1. Hi,

    I found this by chance when Googling for sellers of the game.

    I take it the point system you employed was 1st=3pts, 2nd=2pts, 3rd=1pt and 4th=0pts? If that’s the case, Jonathan should have received 0pts for the DNF in the first race, 2pts for the 2nd in the second race, and 1pt for the 3rd in the last race, making the final tally 3 and not 4pts surely?

    Please could you explain my misunderstanding of the system.

    Best wishes,

    Martin U
    Hopeful future owner of Formula D and Race! Formula 90.

  2. Re: Your group’s scoring system

    Happy New Year to you and your gamers group,

    Martin U
    Hopeful future owner of Formula D and Race! Formula 90

    P.S. I recently added Formula One by GMT Games to my gaming collection – my first of the F1 trilogy I plan to buy in 2017. Regards.

    1. Martin, happy new year to you to. I’ll do a stewards inquiry into the scoring – being impartial 😉 I’d love nothing more to deny Jonathan points. Formula D is the only racing game I have. May have to look at the others. Once you have got them would love to hear what you think of them.

    2. And you are totally correct – Jonathan has too many points! That’s my mistake not being able to add up!!! Thank you for spotting that. I’m sure Jonathan will have fun at my poor math skills next time we meet ^_^

  3. Hi Darren,

    You wanted to know about Grand Prix. I’ll try not to draw my review out…

    It was released back in August 2016 after public funding helped to raise the required money needed to make the game.

    It was created by Jeff and Carla Horger as a follow-up to their successful NASCAR game Thunder Alley (GMT Games in USA) and I believe it too will be a hit.

    As I do not have Formula D or Race! Formula 90 (yet) I cannot compare them – favourably or not. All I can say is the maps are very well detailed (and accurate) with existing F1 and some less familiar tracks (maybe imaginary?) on either sides of the board. The base game has four maps whilst the Expansions have two.

    I won’t spoil your enjoyment of the game (if you plan on buying it) by telling you too much about it but there are no dice, just cards.

    Damage to cars are recorded by placing hardboard pieces on the garage bay sheet of the relevant car and obviously ignoring pit calls will eventually slow you down and eventually spin you out of the game/force you to retire.

    Cars are also shown as flat, hardboard pieces but certain websites are making plastic/metallic miniatures for added realism using 3D printing. One in particular will also paint them at an extra cost.

    You could (if you are artistic) scan the garage bay sheets, change the drivers names to all-time great team and driver names, alter the livery of the cars shown on the sheets to that of the cars you already have with Formula D (great money saving idea) and print them on plain card.

    Overall view of the game:
    Another great way to get all your friends together and accurately reproduce a F1 racing experience (e.g. possible scenarios on the Event Cards and real-life scoring system also apply).

    If you want to see it played there are a small number of videos (more added as time goes by) on You Tube.

    Best wishes to your gamers group,

    Martin U.
    Torquay, UK

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