First Games of Pixel Tactics


This evening I played my first couple of games of Pixel Tactics (the game came last week) with Freddy using the magic of Google Hangouts.
I lost the first game, and won the second. So broke even. It's an enjoyable game, and interesting. Both players are basically playing with decks that have the same cards. It all comes down to the cards you draw and how you play them. Decisions, decisions, decisions, with a bit of luck.
I like the mechanic of taking turns going first through out a game. It's a nice way of over coming a player having first turn advantage.
Pixel Tactics won't replace Star Realms as my current addiction. However it is certainly a game I want to play a lot more. There is a lot of depth and tactics I haven't explored yet or scratched the surface of. It's also a game I think Nath would also enjoy.
I'm looking forward to my next chance to play Pixel Tactics.


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