Finally In The Shops

Yep the big box art above gives the game away, but I'll spell it out anyway. Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn is out this week in your FLGS and online retailers. You won't be getting the promo Phoenixborn that came with the game when you pre-order/buy it from Plaid Hat Games, but I'm sure Plaid Hat will do as they did with the Dead Of Winter promo characters and make it available on their website soon.

Don't forget this will have expansions adding more cards/dice. But Plaid Hat are not following the Magic collectable model, but the FFG LCG model. However I believe Plaid Hat are not going to be doing such a punishing release schedule for these expansions.

Yes I have an alteria motive, I want more people to play with, especially locally (mind you I want that with Netrunner too). But this is a great game, looks AMAZING. Definitely a must buy.

The other new release I'm pointing out this week is Tiny Epic Galaxies. This is an awesome little game, I like playing this game. I've played this game with both none gamers, and none hard core gamers and they really enjoyed playing the game.

My Kickstarter copy came with a little expansion, but the good news is you are also able to purchase the expansion from the BGG Store. Even though the BGG Store is American, the postage they charge is minimal, and usually takes about two weeks to arrive.

Tiny Epic Galaxies packs a lot of game in such a small box. A definite addition to any game collection.


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