Final final list for visit

Cypher a small pocket cyberpunk themed card game from the same publisher that bought you Love Letter arrived today. This looks like it has the potential to be another game for the students, and added to the library of games I can use with them.

I'm getting excited about tomorrow. I'm going to be visiting Nathan for a couple of days.

The final list of games I'm going to be taking with me to play with Nath will be the following:

  • Star Wars Imperial Assault – there is no way I'm not playing this amazingly great Star Wars game with Nath. Skirmish mode, Imperials v Rebels, Father v Son, Vader v Luke
  • Run Fight or Die! This push your luck zombie dice game will be right up Naths alley I think.
  • Roll For The Galaxy
  • Nations the Dice Game
  • Imperial Settlers
  • Star Realms – as if I wasn't going to teach Nath this game. It's my most played game, thanks to the amazing app.
  • AGES – I love the game, it's fun to play. However I do value Naths opinion (more than anyone's) so having him play this and give me his feedback is important.


I think the above is a nice selection of games that are not too heavy but at the same time not too light. They all have themes that will appeal to Nath. Plus the majority are all new and we will both be at the same level of experience playing the game – ie none what so ever.

I may throw in Hive, not sure whether this abstract game would appeal to him. I'm tempted to take Formula D but in the small amount of time we will have together (there is never enough time) there is only so much we can play in that limited resource. I'd be surprised if we got to play half of the ones in the list above.

Plus I know until I'm on the road to Naths I will change my mind. Then on the journey I'll be like “I should have bought …”

So one more sleep ^_^


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