FEG@TA 1Jun16 – Queen of Montego Bay

I arrived a tad early to The Angel because I needed to stock up on supplies for the following days Netrunner OP event at my FLGS from Poundland.

Which meant I was able to enjoy a cool Aspall cider before the serious business of enjoying myself playing games.

Debbie arrived first, Jo wasn't coming for some flimsy excuse like having to work, or spend time with her partner. Priorities people!

Anyhow Debbie and I played a game of 7 Wonders Duel.

Neither of us had played this before. So after I ran through the rules, we made a start building our cities.

I have to say this is a great two player game. I love that there was multiple ways to win, from the straight points victory after playing the three ages. Or the two instant victories from either sacking your opponents city via the military track, or getting six different science symbols to get a scientific victory.

Being our first game we went with the starting wonders for each player suggested in the rule book. But normally these would be drafted in a similar way to one of the drafting suggestions from Imperial Settlers.

But I like, even appreciate that the game designers have considered this. I've seen it in one or two games, for instance Imperial Settlers suggests which two starting factions to play, Seasons suggests the starting nine cards to use instead of drafting, Imperial Assault on the skirmish side suggests the starting squads to play with.

I like that the cards are on full display, layed out in different patterns, with some cards hidden and some visible. It makes for some interesting decisions when choosing which card to take on your turn.

Whilst playing the game you do have to pay attention to what your opponent is doing. It effects your decisions. Do you take that military/science card to block your opponent?

The game even plays fairly quickly in about thirty minutes. Which is nice, because it can act as a filler game!

I haven't played 7 Wonders as two players. It didn't have a good reputation as a good way to play the game. This specific two player game based on it, guarantees that I won't ever try to play 7 Wonders as a two player game.

In our game I did a good job negating the military route to glory, whilst managing to grab the scientific instant win. Debbie enjoyed playing the game too. So I can see this being an easy one to get back to the table whilst waiting for others to turn up.

Debbie and I managed to squeeze in a quick game of zombie dice before Jonathan turned up. After taking an early lead, Debbie managed to lose by a single point.

With Jonathan present we decided to play Imhotep. While explaining the rules to her, a colleague of Jonathan's turned up to join us for the evening.

It was after hearing the rules Debbie said the game reminded her of Montego Bay, and she always wins at that. As you can imagine there was a fair bit of banter aimed at Debbie during the game and her Montego Bay claim. We even named Debbie, Queenie or Queen of Montego Bay.

In the end Jonathan's colleague won the game, with me second, the Queen of Montego Bay third and Jonathan last. Much banter and ribbing followed!

During the game Jamie and his son turned up. So while they waited for us to finish up, they played zombie dice.

We played a six player game of Coup. A game apparently Debbie does not like. However I got eliminated early. But after much bluffing, some challenges and the odd coup. Jamie's son came out victorious.

Our final game of the evening was also a six player game of Deep Sea Adventure. Six is the max number this game supports, and it did it fairly well. Some games when they give an upper and lower limit, if played at the extremes don't play well. And that the sweat spot for the game is the middle of the two limits. This isn't one of them games, it plays well at the max number.

In the end Jamie's son and Debbie ended up sharing the honours between them.

After packing away, three of us managed to find our way to a local kebab shop for a post gaming supper!

A great evening game once again.


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