Father and Son Sunday

Sunday and young men in the early twenties are not known for their ability to get up early. Which meant I had to make my own coffee. Really the dogs don’t make me a coffee in the morning and neither does my son. At least the dogs have a legitimate excuse (too short).

Above: Playing the beginning skirmish teams from the Skirmish manual, Nath was the Imperials while I played the Rebels. The map we used is the Imperial Labour Camp with the Prison Break scenario from the Chewbacca Allies expansion pack.

Once we had had breakfast, Nath had a seriously long shower, and put the washing up away, it was finally time to get Imperial Assault to the table.

However after setting up, and taking a couple of turns game play had to be suspended so that Nath could watch Crystal Palace take on Arsenal on Sky Sports. To my great shame and poor parenting Nath is an Arsenal supporter. So while Nath was in football heaven watching his team I was having to suffer (I’m a Liverpool supporter). The things we do as parents for our children.

Sadly this meant that we would not get to finish our game. After the match it was time for Nath to get ready for work, and myself ready to head back to the fens. So although the game got to the table, it doesn’t count. But we have got so much closer to playing it. Next time.

This is the part of my visits I hate the most and find the hardest. I hate saying good bye to Nath. He’s my everything, I just wished we lived closer to each other. I know we speak several times a week. But that’s not the same as actually seeing each other.

It’s been a great two days with Nath, and much more time with him than expected with him not having to work Saturday. Luckily I’m planning my next visit for two weeks time.


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