Father and Son Become Lords of Waterdeep

So what gaming did Nath and I get up to in this way too short visit?

Well if you don't count the game of tidying up Naths bedroom ready for it to be painted, which had the mechanic “do you still want this?” then we only played one boardgame this weekend. Which was today.

Sadly Nath was working Saturdy night and was closing up which meant I had to pick him up at two in the morning. Which means by the time he gets home, has something to eat, unwinds a little it's gone three by the time he hits the sack.

So naturally this meant Nath didn't surface until nearly midday. After we had eaten (lunch for me, breakfast for Nath) we had a game of my new arrival Lords of Waterdeep.

After setting up, it was teach Nath the game. Luckily between the two physical plays and the excellent iOS app I was familiar enough with the game to teach Nath.

Lords of Waterdeep isn't a difficult game to explain and can be done in a fairly short time. Once you start taking your first turns it soon becomes very obvious what to do. I think the limited things to do each turn like take an action by placing an agent on it and possibly completing a quest make it a very fast learning curve.

Nath picked up the game really quick, and after three rounds I tested the water and asked Nath if he was enjoying the game. Nath responded in the positive to my question.

Sadly I got well and truly thrashed by Nath.

I've now played the game with four, three and now two players. So which is my favourite number to play with?

I liked playing two player with Nath, and found the game was fun. So when it comes to choosing what to take down to play at Christmas Waterdeep will be a strong contender to make the trip.

I also thought the game is even better with more players. A bit more challenging, and more to think about.

For me I'll happily play this game with any number of players, I don't think I do have a favourite number. I just like playing the game. When Nath is playing then it just takes the game enjoy ability to new levels of awesome.

Oh well back to the real world. A games night this Wednesday to look forward to, and hopefully some of the second hand games I bought will turn up or against the odds finally Ashes Rise of the Phoenix Born.


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