Esdevium hiking prices due to Brexit

So what effect has Brexit had on us gamers in the UK?

Well as this Yahoo Finance chart of the pound against the dollar shows the pound took what at best could be described as a dive.

So stuff being bought from the US via the likes of Kickstarter is going to cost more. Which for me means that the Hero Realms Kickstarter is costing me more than it was just over a week ago when it finishes later in the month.

Now you thought the oil companies were quick to put prices up when the cost of a barrel changed. They could learn a thing or two from Esdevium.


Who very quickly seeing the impact Brexit had on the pound decided that they would need to increase the the price of the games they distribute to compensate. This will be the second price hike we have seen this year from Esdevium I believe.

Now my question is will Esdevium reduce the prices by the same amount if the pound recovers to pre-Brexit prices, just as quickly? Or even by more if it some how becomes even stronger?

Have they jumped the gun, and re-acted too early?

Would we be seeing these price rises if we actually had competition on the distribution of games in the UK?

We already feel that in the UK companies price gouge us on goods. Whether the evidence, economic argument supports this is another question. But when we see games costing a lot less in the US, it’s hard not to think we are subsidising that market with our higher prices.

So this new price hike does seem to be like rubbing salt into an already open wound, despite there being a legitimate financial argument for it to happen. As I have already asked, the only way for this not to be perceived as taking advantage of a situation to increase prices is that when the point recovers we see an similar drop in the price of games too.


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