Esdevium gifts for ws31May16

After a hiccup with their PDF last week, Esdevium have executed the gremlins, and once more are sharing with us mere mortals the gifts they will be bestowing on us in the coming week.

First up is the poorly supported but really excellent game Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers and its only expansion Battle for Zendikar. This game really does warrant more love from Hasbro and gamers.

The updated Agricola is out, the number of players it supports has been reduced to four max, the family mode has been removed (getting its own release later) and it's priced reduced to £49.99.

The great small box game Harbour is also back in stock at £15.99.

The updated 51st State in the form of the complete Master Edition is also out next week for £39.99. Here is a BIG BIG hint for Jonathan, who I hope will be picking this up at the expo next weekend, the much anticipated expansion for Scoville, Scoville Labs is out. Some reasonably cheap Magic the Gathering deck boxes themed around the Planeswalkers are hitting the shelves.

And finally this one has peaked my interest so I'm going to have to go hunting for more info on it, a game called Blackhat is out at £37.99. Which surprise surprise is a game about hacking. So the theme alone has me intrigued.

So there you have it the stuff coming out next week that caught my eye.


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