Epic Wednesday!

Got my chance to play Epic finally today. Four of us split into pairs to play the basic thirty card deck game.

Each of us dealt thirty cards from the one hundred and twenty card deck that comes in the box, plus the Kickstarter cards shuffled in.

In my first game I got my butt royally handed to me. Hardly doing any damage to my opponent and taking lots in return. I was unable to block my opponents champions because they were airborne and I had no airborne champions to block with.

The two winners then went on to play against each other to decide the victor, while myself and the other loser played for not coming last.

I did much much better in this second game. I won. It was close but I was able to make a massive swing to get the win.

So what did I make of my first plays of Epic? It was enjoyable. I'd like to play the game using some of the other formats. Being able to play straight away just by dealing two decks of thirty cards is great for learning the game and terminology. But I think the game will jump to another level playing the other game formats like some of the drafting modes or even the preconstructed decks.

I just need to expand the LCG/CCG/deckbuilder contingent of the fenland gamers to more than myself.


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