Epic Storage Solution Arriving In May

White Wizard Games creators of Star Realms and Epic announced that their partners in crime Legion Supplies when it comes to card sleeves and storage boxes etc for their games will be releasing in May sleeves, a long storage box etc for Epic. It gets better, the long box comes with a promo card Keira the Wolf Caller. So a similar deal as the Star Realms offering. The Star Realms long box was amazing value.

I do hope that the long box is long enough to hold upto three base sets, three lots of Kickstarter promos, three copies of the Tyrants expansion.

Plus Legion Supplies are currently running a competition to win said sleeves and storage box HERE.

I had started to look at sleeving options for the game, so this is a well timed announcement for me. I hope that Esdevium actually get this out to shops, because they did a poor job of doing it with the Star Realms one.


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