Epic Space Battle

Biggest Defeat Ever!

Early this morning I suffered my biggest defeat ever in the Star Realms app. It was an epic struggle from my side to hang in there and try and claw my way back into the game. But the cards just didn't favour me. Going back to yesterday's slugfest analogy, Freddy kept pounding me, knocking me to to the floor. And like Rocky I kept trying to get back up on wobbly legs to fight on. As I'm struggling to get back up using the Star Realms equivalent of the ropes the Federation ships that give an authority boost, I knew like Apollo Creed, Freddy was shouting at his screen “stay down”. Unlike the fictional epic boxing match there was no referee to protect me as I fumbled around trying to stay up. Freddy kept on coming with the punches. I held on as best I could hoping the cards would come right and get me back in to the game. But as my authority drained away like a leaking water pipe, Freddy just got stronger and stronger, as if he was some demon feeding off my energy. The Federation ships were just delaying the inevitable, with the way the cards were falling for me, I'd of had a hard time punching my way out of a wet paper bag. Finally Freddy was able to deliver the knock out blow. As the screen shot shows he finished with 85 authority points. That's pretty amazing and a very very comprehensive victory.

But what an amazing game. It was such an emotional roller coaster. And I think one of those gaming experiences you retell for years, “Let me tell you about that one time…” It's just occurred to me this was like my Star Realms version of the Alamo. Against great odds I held out for as long as I could against the superior space forces of Freddy. Clinging on for as long as possible to buy time for others to rally and avenge us.

Remember the space Alamo.


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