Epic Counter App Now on iOS

White Wizard Games finally see the release of their Epic Counter app hit the iOS App Store today.
Getting an app approved and onto the App Store does seem like some dark arcane magic ritual, which means that developers normally can't give an exact date for its release on to the App Store. Or even guarantee that the app will be approved.
However after jumping through hoops, sacrificing first born on the first blue moon of the year, dressing up in an Elvis style jumpsuit, taking a selfie and posting it on social media. White Wizard Games have negotiated the rapids of the iOS app approval process and delivered to us mortals an app for tracking life while playing Epic.

Although this app is graphically styled, and aimed at players of Epic. There is no reason why it couldn't be used for playing other games *cough*Magic*cough* to keep track of life in them.

Have to admit not used the app in anger yet. But it does look rather good graphically.

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