Sometimes it's sad to see some-one put up a collection for sale of a game they loved playing over the years. But you know it is right for them to do so. The spark has gone, it's not fun any more for them. They have moved on to pastures new, while their old love sits at home unloved hidden away.

It's better in this situation that they both call it a day and move on. The loved game deserves a new loving home. A home where they will get the love and attention they deserve.

This way the split can be amicable and part on good terms. Even remain friends with memories of the good times together. Maybe sometime in the future they will bump into each other and reminisce about the good times over a friendly drink. Before they know it they are embracing, fumbling around, rolling dice and moving counters.

The next morning the horror of the previous night hits. The gamete of emotions, guilt, revulsion, denial, blame, regret, hit both. Sure it had been fun. However that spark they once had was still missing. They go their separate ways head hung low, skulking back to their current partners.

At the opposite end is when you know it's the wrong thing to do. Yeah both sides have hit a rough spot, but they just need to work it out. Sit down and talk. Communicate how they are feeling.

If they go their separate ways you know both will be filled with regret and a deep depressing sadness. Knowing that the one, that soul mate has gone from their lives.

Sure they will find new games and players. But there will always be that something missing. Nothing will compare to what they both had. They will go through life as if it was a dream, wondering what could of been. Regretting not being with their soul mate.

Decades later they will meet up by chance both weathered by time. The magic spark is still there. They chat about the separate paths taken to this point in time. Deep sorrow hits when they both realise how wasted the years have been without each other.

What short remaining time they have left will be spent together, but it's a shadow of the happiness they could have had.


This post is dedicated to Todd and Android:Netrunner may you work out your differences

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