End of week goodies

So after the Amazon fiasco of losing my order in transit, I ordered another that made it through to me (was sent via a different courier), so I'm the proud owner of Neuroshima Hex. Also the game Room 25 came.

The nice thing about the army expansions for Neuroshima Hex is that they are relatively cheap. By that I mean less than a tenner. You could argue that they should be considering they are basically only cardboard tokens.
This gives me eight armies to play with (a ninth promo army from Portal Games is on its way). Now to find folks to play with. Luckily both new games have solo modes.

Finally through the international postal system the two playmats ordered a couple months back have arrived.

The rather nice and large playmat for Tiny Epic Galaxies. Which looks lovely. Then a nice little action mat to replace the cardboard one in Tiny Epic Kingdoms.

Sadly no sign of the card sleeves to sleeve the cards in Tiny Epic Galaxies.

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