End of October 2015 Arrivals


With the arrival of the deluxe expansion Creation and Control for Netrunner I am now briefly upto date on the deluxe expansions and data packs for the game. However the latest deluxe expansion Data and Destiny seems to be hitting the store shelves, so maybe you could argue I'm not.

Codenames is one of this years “hot” games, but that isn't why I got it, however all the fuss over the game is how it came to my attention. Codenames is another potential game that I can use with my students. The game plays two to eight players, and is definitely a game that will get the students interacting with each other.

Finally the game that has just destroyed the second hand fleecing of its earlier release. Yep Fury of Dracula third edition. Whenever I saw reviews of Specter Ops (still to be gotten to the table) Fury of Darcula was always one of the benchmark games it was held up against. I was never going to buy the second edition at the crazy prices to see what all the fuss was about, but with the printing of the third edition I can at a much more reasonable price.


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