End of Jan 2016 arrivals

So we start off this posts look at what’s arrived looking at Lego!

A trip to the local Tesco found a couple of packets of the latest minifig collection falling into my shopping basket, along with a Battle on Takodana set. 

My weekend reading material was also in the basket at the time.

Which included the first issue of a new collect the parts series about drawing the Marvel way. I got it out of curiosity to see how much it differs from the book. Is the style different, more modern? 

Some custom minifig bits arrived. Allowing me to create a munchkin inspired minifig and the astronaut from the latest minifig set. There were also a couple of props, a selfie stick and parcel.

The wrestler minifig with its mullet instantly had me thinking of a friend who will soon be immortalised as a minifig.

Next up my journey further down the rabbit hole known as Magic the Gathering continues with a cool playmat, a Fatpack for Oath of the Gatekeeper and a booster box.

The game Seasons arrived. 

My new qwertee tee arrived based. Plus two games bought second hand off the Facebook group.

So that’s it for the new stuff this week.

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