Early ideas for hacktivist and lecturer minifigs

Using the bits that arrived earlier I've knocked together quick ideas for the hacktivist and the lecturer.

The lecturer torso and legs will stay, but at the moment I'm using a spare Thor head, which will be replaced with a head similar to the one I use on the blogger I made. So still bearded but a different expression on the face, not as fierce.

The hacktivist will change, I'll keep the head (of course) and the legs. But the torso will change, I'll use a hoodie torso when it arrives. The courier bag/satchel will also stay, and I'll add a laptop as an accessor. Not sure about the bandana for the hat, will replace that too. I like the beanie hat I use on the blogger also for the hacktivist. Luckily I think I have another one on the way.

So as you can see it's very easy to create a custom minifig (well if there are the bits available). These are a work in progress, notes, exploring ideas before finalising.


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