Early February 2016 Arrivals

I’m going to start with the new gaming arrivals.

Currently Amazon are selling Super Dungeon Explorer Forgotten King at around the twenty five quid mark, or just below. Which is an insane price because the rrp is just short of eighty quid. Why? I have no idea but those wishing to dip their toes into the water with this gaming system have no excuse not to at the moment. The price is crazy cheap.

Burgle Bros. is a co-op game where you are robbing a building while avoiding the guards etc. If I like this game the optional stand and red led lights will be joining the game. If/when that happens I don’t think you will believe how cool the game looks.

Next up finally despite the Wisbech Royal Mail my promos from Portal Game finally arrived. We have the doomsday machine army for Neuroshima Hex, plus two unaligned tiles that will be interesting to see how they shake up the game.

Plus the two tiles to use with Imperial Settlers and a card for the game (free bonus promo).

Next up we hit some Lego Minifig stuff. Using the bits that arrived I created a characture of my friend and husband to Amanda, Paul.  I’m just debating internally whether to paint the mullet black with grey highlights. 

Inside the box for the Red Shirt was the TaDa! Message. I just love the little touches like this.

Finally and very unusual for me, physical media!

Who isn’t a Thunderbirds fan? We know I have the Matt Leacock co-op board game based on the series (expansions still not produced yet, we might see them March!)

So guess what my plan is watch Thunderbirds and play the game.

The Flashing Blade brings back memories of Saturday morning tv, and part of a hit list of retro tv series from my childhood that I am sourcing. Luckily the stuff is dirt cheap these days.

5 thoughts on “Early February 2016 Arrivals

  1. I am really pleased to see that you have Burgle Bros. It is a game I missed on Kickstarter and would really like to get hold of. I’ll give your copy a try 🙂

    The price has now been increased for Super Dungeon Explore (now back around the £50 mark).

  2. Check in The Flashing Blade did that you have the correct 2nd disk. Mine arrived with two disks 1. play.com were good at swapping it. Just something wrong with a batch of packing.

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