Down the rabbit hole

So I've not managed to play a game yet, but this gift box that just came out this week, looked too tempting not to get.

For a noob to Magic like me this is a nice little pack to get. Gives me a storage box, plastic dividers, holds upto two thousand cards, five booster packs, land cards. In fact I wish it was possible to get a nice storage solution like this for Android Netrunner.

I also got a nice deck storage box that is nearly like the Ultra Pro one I have my eyes on and can't find for life be or money. The thing I like about this style of box is that you have the space for dice/counters as well as your deck. I think compared to the Ultra Pro box I like this one has a smaller dice/counter compartment, and no little card holder on the flip out door. So my Grail deck holder is the Ultra Pro version, but as a close second place this is a nice one.

Now I just need to find a friendly welcoming Magic group to help a noob play the game. I don't think a Friday Night Magic is that place to try, it's my understanding that they are pretty competitive.

So my hunt for local LCG/CCG players continues


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