Doesn’t feel like a lucky escape

So you have seen the earlier post for today where I talk about the John Kovalic Special Guest box for Zombicide. Well to get to that box I needed to move a box with some of my Zombicide stuff out of the cupboard first to get to it. So I left the open box on my bed.

That box basically had the game tiles in it plus some (clean) plastic take away boxes full of Zombicide plastic figures and a dice bag of Zombicide dice.

I came down stairs thinking nothing of it. A couple of hours later I had to go back upstairs.

I was horrified by the scene of carnage that greeted me. Loki had struck, he had chewed, nay destroyed two of the character figures, threw some zombies on the floor, been in the dice bag.

Above Loki looking all innocent.

Who had Loki killed? It was Mitch and Elsa who had been mauled by the young apex predator. Survivors of countless struggles against zombie hordes. Yet unable to defend themselves against a yet not fully grown attack chihuahua.

Above the remains of Mitch (left) and Elsa (right) after being recovered from the crime scene.

Zombicide characters are not cheap to replace, especially rare ones (which these two luckily aren't). A visit to eBay has Mitch now traveling his way from the US of A, while Elsa has a road trip on these shores ahead of her.

So they have been replaced, but that's an expense I could do without. I'm lucky that the ball of chaos called Loki didn't do even more damage than he did. Maybe he was sending me a message.

It's hard to stay mad at such a cutie, especially when he's snuggled up next to me under a small pile of pillows.

I just need to remember what destructive force of nature he is.


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