Dice Down

After getting Nico chipped yesterday, yes I know the vet was playing with death, I made it to the Friday evening gaming group that meets up at the Con Club.

Naturally when I got there games were already in progress.

My first game of the evening was taking over some-ones hand at Star Realms when they had to go off and setup for their game of Warhammer 40k I think it was. So I'm not counting this as my play. The player I took over from was a noob to the game, I believe this was his first time playing. Needless to say the deck I took over wasn't great. Lots of cards I wouldn't buy. However it did allow me to knock Ben out of the game. Then mirroring the previous time I played a four player Star Realms game I was knocked out.

It then remained for the back and forth between the two remaining players. Both able to keep topping up their authority each turn. However the superior base and outpost purchases of one player gave her the win, and more authority than she started with.

The first proper game of the evening for me was Dead of Winter. While setting up it was discovered my exposure dice was missing! We had a good look for it, but it was not to be found, so we improvised with a d10.

We did the suggested first main mission that required us to kill a certain number of zombies (based on the number of players) but they would only count if when killed a d6 was rolled and it had a value of four or higher.

All I'm going to say is my group of survivors drew the short stick when it came to longevity of life. Let's just say my rolling of the improvised exposure dice, and the others in the group who did it for me too, were not great rolls. My survivors were getting bitten a lot. This may sound callous but if we had beat the main mission would have meant I'd met my secret objective and won.

The round counter was ticking down slowly, but because of survivors being bitten and their death, and the failure to complete a crisis we failed the mission due to running out of morale.

It's a shame the exposure dice was missing/lost. It did kind of ruin my enjoyment of the game. After a search at home and still no sign of the dice, I was straight onto Plaid Hat to get a replacement organised. Very quick response from them directing me to a replacements page to fill in, that actually requires a photo of the bar code of the game box as proof of purchase and allow them to track faulty batches. So the replacement is in progress, but will I be able to play the game and enjoy it in the meantime? I don't know. Even with the replacement sorted, it's eating away at me about what happened to the exposure dice. I don't remember seeing the dice the other day when I was putting the standees together. Damn how long has this been missing?

I'm going to pass judgement and thoughts of the game until the exposure dice has been replaced.

Our final game of the evening was Tiny Epic Galaxies. A game I won with 21 points, however Ben was looking at coming last, but jumped into second because he had completed his secret mission.

A good evening of gaming despite the missing dice.


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