Dice and Cards at Costa

Sunday was time for a hot beverage and some games with friends.

Debbie and her bo Nath joined me at Costa to game the afternoon away.

We started off with a couple of games of Qwixx. This is fastly becoming a fav little filler game.

I’d just packed Qwixx away when Jamie and Lucas turned up.

Our next game was Rolling America. This was our first time playing the game. So our first play was going to contain the odd mistake for sure.

I like this too. It’s nice that it is limited to eight rounds. It’s surprising how quick this plays out.

Because of the placement rules for putting a number on the map, along with a limited supply of being able to guard numbers, copying them, and a third thing I can’t remember you soon get some interesting, even challenging decisions to make.

This is another “filler” game with surprising depth that doesn’t take ages to play.

After our second game of Rolling America Jamie and son had to leave in search of strawberries.

Our final game was another game we hadn’t played before, but had been sitting in my pile of shame for a while, Valley of the Kings.

This is a nice little deck builder, which has some nice little decisions that players have to make. There is the ability for a little “take that” against other players by forcing them to discard cards or put them into the boneyard. 

The Egyption theme is cool, and educational! The collapsing pyramid trade row is a nice touch that stands it out from other deck builders.

Debbie and Nath hadn’t played a deck builder before, and they enjoyed this one.

I’d say a nice deck builder for fans of the mechanic and new players.

A relaxing, enjoyable afternoon of coffee and gaming with great people.

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