Destiny Dice Storage Solution 

One of the biggest problems for Star Wars:Destiny players is how to store your dice.

With the three sets, two starter sets, 2 player starter the dice mount up fast.

At the weekend the discussion about storage solutions once again popped up on the UK Destiny Facebook page I follow. I skim these posts now and again to see if there is a solution I like. The tool box/tackle box idea I found interesting. But I’ve solved my card storage issue a while back. I went the folder and the special card holding pages you can get.

In this discussion Feldherr was mentioned, but so was Just Lasered. Yes a foam tray looked like the solution I’d been waiting for. So naturally I went with the “cheaper” UK based company.

I went for the 13mm deep tray. I wanted the dice to be easy to get out when needed, and the maximum size they did of 370mm by 275mm. Which I was told would hold 96 dice. I went with 6 trays to give me a total capacity of 576 dice. This also meant the trays were slightly cheaper also. I went with this size of tray because if I put them in a box to transport I’ll be using a KR storage solution. Mainly because I have a KR rucksack that I got a few years back now.

So what’s my opinion of these foam trays? I like them. I like the fact with the 13mm the dice are really easy to take out. The dice fit really snugly, there is no movement at all.

The page for the foam trays says the following “Foam tray up to 370 x 275 with 2mm MDF support.” I’m not sure where the 2mm MDF support is. I can’t see or detect any MDF. But 2mm is pretty thin. So would I?

Naturally with the foam topper in place there is a gap around the edges with the 13mm. Which isn’t an issue for me. The ease of access to the dice easily out weighs this point. Plus I’m going to be storing these at home for a good 99% of the time. At some point I will get the KR box to use with them.

I’m glad I got these for organising my Destiny dice they needed a solution. The game has gone passed that point where you can take everything with you and make decks up on the fly. It’s getting to that point where you will take two or three decks and that’s it. With maybe the odd card that you want to maybe try and see how it does.

You can visit Just Lasered by clicking their name.

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