Dead of Winter Flick Em Up Teaser – A Reaction

The other day, might have been just before that big commercial holiday we’ve just had, Pretzel Games released a teaser video for a game Flick Em Up Dead of Winter!

Naturally it tells us bugger all about the game. They should have released this video at GenCon when the news and photos of the game were released. As an example here is a photo from GenCon by The Dice Tower guys, and their news story here.

See we have a better idea about the game from the August coverage than we do this teaser.

We have no new info about the game, which is what we want. We already know the game is coming! We’ve known that since August when they told us! 

This teaser is a none event. A waste of time. I shouldn’t be wasting your time and mine with it. But I felt like doing a mini rant about it. 

I now hand you back to your regular programming…

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