Current Stuff I’m Backing

Thought I'd just share with folks the projects I'm currently backing on Kickstarter. As you can see a couple are just about to come to the end of their funding round.

From about March next year I think the delivery schedules of these projects if they hit their predicted target dates for delivery will see one will give me nice little “love” packages to myself most months. I've just reread that sentence and it just sounds so wrong and sleazy.

With The Others and 7th Continent already funded, I think I've backed some interesting games for next year.

I'm not suggesting or telling you to back these games. I'm just letting you know of some games that caught my eye. For all I know the games I've backed are not the type of game you are interested in. Which is cool, I'd love to know what Kickstarter projects you are backing, and why.


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