Creation of the hipster part 1

Today some of the parts for the hipster minifig I'm creation arrived from Firestarter Toys. As you can see from the photo below I got some beards, black legs, and two different hoodies, a head with glasses, a latte, and two bases.

So I've thrown some of the elements together to create an initial version of the hipster. The flat cap is in the postal system somewhere between the U.S. and here, and an alternative head is also on its way from
Once all the bits have arrived I play around to get the perfect combination to make the hipster. In the meantime I can decide between the hoodies, I think the one in the photo is the right one for this model based on the source photo (see Sunday's gaming post).


5 thoughts on “Creation of the hipster part 1

  1. What a great and original post, Darren.

    I love the minifig shots you share on Instagram. It’s nice to know how you actually go about creating the characters.

    All the best my friend.


    1. Wow thanks Jim, that’s made my day. Praise from a friend, who I respect and admire means a lot to me. Thank you

        1. That would be really cool, I’d like that a lot. I put Nico next door with nan when guests are round to protect them.

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