Community v Community

I love the zombie post apocalyptic survivor theme, especially when it’s wrapped in a great graphic novel like The Walking Dead or one of the classic Living Dead movies.

The boardgame Dead of Winter did a pretty good job of capturing the feeling of those source materials. Survivors thrown together to try and survive against the odds. The odds were not just the zombie horde but dwindling resources and the elements. 

Plaid Hat then followed that up adding an expansion that could be combined with the original game in a modular fashion or be played stand alone.

But Plaid Hat have decided try and recreate that feel of warring survivor communities that you see in the last season or so of The Walking Dead. Plaid Hat today announced a new Dead of Winter expansion called Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies.

This new expansion adds a new Team Variant that requires both The Dead of Winter and The Long Night to play. But it then allows 4 – 11 players to form two colonies to compete against each other. 

The Lone Wolf module also sounds interesting. Which has a single player playing as their own team.

It sounds like a very exciting addition to the game. 11 people playing the game at once?!!! Wow. Could I get that many people together to play it?

I like the sound of the direction Plaid Hat seems to be taking Dead of Winter. It’s like they are following the story arc of the Walking Dead. Or the survivors story we have been playing in the Dead of Winter has just taken a new twist. 

You can read the full announcement HERE.

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