Coming Out Next Week Starting 4Apr16

Yes it's Friday and the marketing spokesperson for Esdevium has come down from Mount Olympus and left some stone tablets for us to peruse. So here is the stuff on the tablets that caught my eye…

First up we have the most important release of the week for me and other Netrunner players, and that is the third data pack in the Mumbad cycle Democracy and Dogma.

I enjoy Zombie Dice and I believe Dalek Dice maybe similar to it. So being a Doctor Who fan, although the current Doctor has been ruined by poor scripts and development, this certainly is high on my wish list.

If I was playing Dice City more this expansion would be an instant buy. At the moment it will be going on the wish list. Finally hitting our shores is the deluxe version of Tokaido.

Sneaking out next week is the third T.I.M.E. Stories expansion, which I believe has an ancient Egyptian theme this time. Plus that really excellent deck builder Eminent Domain is getting two new expansions.

As I write this post in LGS all around the country Friday Night Magic is still probably going on later than normal. At midnight those players will be taking part in a midnight pre-release of the next Magic release Shadows Over Innistrad. Then over the weekend the same stores will be running other pre-release events also. Then next week guess what? Yep Shadows Over Innistrad hits the shops officially.

There will also be launch events next weekend at the stores. There are also naturally a range of playmats, deck boxes and card sleeves also being released next week to go along with this latest release.


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