Coming out next week 8th Feb 2016

I think it's obvious from previous posts I like the game Zombicide. I love the setting being present day, and recreating the Romero zombie movies. However some like Sam Heeley from The Dice Tower never jelled with the theme or the game.

Jump forward after last years release of Season Three of Zombicide, CMoN hit Kickstarter again with a variant of Zombicide setting it this time in a fantasy setting. Well backers have had their copy with all their exclusives, and now it's time for the rest of the world to get a chance to buy the game.

Finally for next week the rather excellent Pixel Tactics gets a fifth expansion and a storage box to house all the expansions and the game.

Well that's the releases for next week that caught my eye.


2 thoughts on “Coming out next week 8th Feb 2016

  1. Looking forward to painting figures for Zombicide: BP and getting a game. Good play thru online. I do like the new ability of firing into a room without first targeting PCs who happen to be in same room. All sounds fun.

    1. It seems a great compromise/solution. I’d like to see CMON filter it into classic Zombicide along with buying new player boards that are like the ones in BP

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