Coffee and Microgaming

Yesterday I put the call out on social media to see if anyone wanted to meet up today at the local Costa to play Tiny Epic Galaxies. Luckily this time I wasn't Billy no mates, and Jo and Debbie said they would meet up with me to play the game.

I had managed to grab a table at the busy Costa ready for Debbie and Jo to arrive. I had my usual Costa tipple a Chai Latte. When the girls arrived I got them a hot chocolate. So technically the title of this blog isn't entirely accurate.

With our beverages sorted we set up Tiny Epic Galaxies. I explained the basics of the game and we started playing.

As we played we discussed options on each other's go. I think this helped with the learning curve.

Despite efforts to try and slow her down using one of the powers of a planet I had colonised, which was paying two power to move two enemy ships minus one position each, Jo still managed to get to the required 21 points to trigger the end of the game.

For a first play I think we all did really well. None of us achived our secret missions so not extra points there at the end. But Jo was the clear winner with twenty six points. Debbie and I came joint last with sixteen points.
We then moved on to a couple of quick games of Batman Love Letter. The first game was very quick with Debbie romping home with a victory before Jo or I could even score a point.
Our second game saw Jo and I score a point each before Debbie swept in and scooped up three points. But the tides turned again with Jo scored a couple of points pulling even with Debbie. Then Jo scored that final point for the win.

Thanks to Debbie and Jo for being great gaming companions. I had a great time playing the games in Costa , even with me not winning a single game!


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