Coffee Addiction

I don't think it's any secret about how I feel about coffee. I love it.

Yes I buy from those tax avoiding establishments like Costa and Starbucks. It's only been the last couple of years that we have seen the corporate tentacles of these giants reach out and strike Wisbech.

Wisbech isn't big enough to support a hip and trendy artisan coffee shop like those that can be found all over that cesspit London. These corporate behemoths are the closest we get in the town. Oh we have coffee shops but you couldn't describe them as an artisan coffee shop. One or two have really nice cakes to have with your tea or coffee but this does not make a coffee shop.

I'm loathe to call the staff at these local establishments baristas, although technically they are. However if you asked for a flat white they would be clueless about what one is, and even more lost in trying to make one. They can make a passable coffee. But there is no technique or true artistry involved. Coffee isn't their passion. That for me is what separates a “coffee” shop from a coffee shop. And to be fair to these local pervayers of beverages Starbucks and Costa are no better.

So what do I make my coffee with at home? I use an Aeropress, I just love the coffee that this inexpensive device makes. Plus it's quick to clean up afterwards too.

I have a moka pot which I use when I want to make espresso in a large quantity. I got one of these after I had an espresso machine. But that sadly was a costly mistake. It just didn't make enough coffee in one go. When I drank large mugs of coffee, I needed more than the one cup that the machine made in use. So I ended up getting a moka pot to make enough espresso in one go.

I do take my coffee seriously but I haven't reached the hipster heights yet of roasting and grinding my own beans yet (that is a whole new level of expertise for me). I've also not made the jump to having a kettle I can get the exact temperature of boiling water I need for making the perfect brew.

So you can see why the theme of the game VivaJava the coffee game the dice game appealed to me. You have guessed the theme from the title haven't you?

If you haven't guessed it's about finding coffee beans, and making that perfect blend for the coffee company you are working for. All this by rolling dice!

Wait coffee and dice? Wow this game was made just for me wasn't it?

I love the box, the artwork, the whole look and feel of the packaging. Open up and the look and feel is continued inside, even down to a burlap storage bag!

I did find it easier getting to grips with the rules for the game watching the really excellent video that Dice Hate Me produced on their website.

One of the reasons I got this game is that it plays solo. Which is great for me.

I know you can download and print addition score sheets free from the Dice Hate Me website but it would be nice to buy new pads as well. I think Dice Hate Me are also missing a trick not selling the Dice Hate Me mug that you see in the box cover art. It would be really cool to be drinking a beverage(coffee preferably) from a Dice Hate Me mug while playing the VivaJava the coffee game the dice game.

The dream scenario for me with this game is to be playing it at a coffee shop with friends while enjoying a hot beverage and cake. But I'll settle with playing with friends on a game night.

Don't forget that there is also an expansion for this game that if you can get them means getting hold of the the Dice Hate Me Angry Dice although you can just use normal six sided dice. Apparently the Angry face side of the Angry Dice is normally where the three is.

Anyway all this talk of coffee has got me craving for a coffee…


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