Christmas Student Gaming

Yesterday was the last day of students before the Christmas break.

So as a treat to my level three group I took in a selection of games, and my folding 6ft table.

The students had earnt this treat. Completed my assignment and handed in by the deadline. That deserved a reward.

The students started off their morning of gaming with King of Tokyo.

I think they played two or three games, working their way through all the monsters in the game.

After King of Tokyo I introduced the students to Welcome to the Dungeon. Which they really enjoyed.

Finally they ended the morning off playing Love Letter.

What do these games have in common? They can be taught in under ten minutes. They are also about the right length of time to play. By that I mean approx thirty minutes. 

It was great seeing the students enjoying themselves. In the new year there is going to be some tournaments arranged for them. With iello willing to sell me tournament kits they are going to love having a King of Tokyo tournament.

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