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Padme/eJyn Mono Mill 2.5

In my previous post I went through my second version of this mono mill deck. I’ve tweaked the deck since then. Not major stuff, more incremental minor changes.

Battlefield: Command Center (Lothal)


  • Friends in Low Places (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Rebel (1 cost, Hero/Yellow) x 2
  • Evade (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Block (2 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Take Cover (0 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Bolt Hole (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Cheat (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Unpredictable (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Dodge (2 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2


  • Ammo Belt (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Ascension Gun (2 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Second Chance (3 cost,Hero/Yellow) x 2
  • Hunker Down (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Con Artist (2 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Cunning (2 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2

My thinking behind the deck changes

One of the “big” changes in this deck is that I have gone from elite Padme, to elite Jyn. I had tried this once before and got my butt handed to me, so didn’t persist with it. However the reasoning about this change was that in the end game where I am trying to get my opponent down to zero cards in hand, Jyn with her two discard faces is more likely to allow me to do that. Plus when rolled I can reduce the options available to my opponent in the rest of the game by removing up to four cards at a time if it comes up both the two discard.

Daring Escape, Long Con, Diversion and R2-D2 made way to a second Second Chance plus Hunker Down, Con Artist and Cunning. Hunker Down helps keep my characters alive just that little bit longer, while Con Artist helps amp up that milling action on the opponents deck. Cunning gives me a nice ability to use the special on other upgrades and characters. There might be a special I want to use on my opponents cards but in reality it gives me another bite of the cherry on my specials.

How I Play This Deck

When dealing the initial five cards I’m looking for one of the following: Ascension Gun, Con Artist or Cunning. Ideally I’d like a hunker down and some of my cheap (ie zero cost) removal cards. Otherwise I’m mulliganing hard to get one of those three cards.

I don’t mind not winning the roll off, I almost want my opponent to choose their own battlefield (I do have the Ascension Gun). Two shields on Jyn is massive for me. In fact I usually pick my opponents battlefield if I win because of that.

Next up I’m hoping to draw into Second Chance and Ammo Belt early, along with Hunker Down if I haven’t got that yet. These then go onto Jyn first.

I have to keep remembering to use Rebel. I usually remember about it after I have played the discard card ability of the dice. Which is too late then. But it is apart from Cheat, my only other recursion card.

If I’m going with Con Artist I want that pretty early on to make use of it’s special. Mid to late game it’s re-roll fodder.

I am tending to leave Padme unprotected at the moment, and any discards from the deck I get with her I’m counting as a bonus. At the moment the card discard from hand with Jyn is what I’m trying to get. That really does stop what the other player can do during a round.

Where next?

I like the look of Datapad from Awakenings, it would fit in nicely with this deck but where would I put it?

UPDATE:I can see maybe Electro Shock replacing Unpredictable. But I will have to see if I pull any in my Awakenings booster box I have coming.

Otherwise I’m pretty happy where this deck is.

Sing/Bala-Tik/Tie Pilot 1.0

This is my third deck that I have built, but the second one I am putting the details of on this blog! The second deck I have built is still a work in progress and not really in a position to be called a 1.0 and talked about.

This deck and the my second deck are a departure from my first deck, in that these are “aggro”. So without further ado here is my Sing/Bala-Tik/Tie Pilot deck…

Battlefield: Ewok Village (Endor)


  • Air Superiority (1 cost, Neutral/Red) x 1
  • Attrition  (1 cost, Villian/Red) x 2
  • Backup Muscle  (1 cost, Villian/Yellow) x 1
  • E-Web Emplacement  (3 cost, Villian/Red) x 1
  • First Order TIE Fighter  (3 cost, Villian/Red) x 1


  • Aim  (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Armed to the Teeth  (0 cost, Villian/Yellow) x 2
  • Bait and Switch  (0 cost, Villian/Yellow) x 2
  • Cheat  (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Collateral Damage  (0 cost, Neutral/Red) x 2
  • Nowhere to Run  (2 cost, Villian/Gray) x 2
  • Relentless Pursuit  (0 cost, Villian/Yellow) x 2
  • Salvo  (2 cost, Neutral/Red) x 1
  • Disarm (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Flank (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 1
  • He Doesn’t Like You (0 cost, Villian/Yellow) x 2


  • F-11D Rifle  (2 cost, Villian/Red) x 2
  • Infantry Grenades  (2 cost, Villian/Gray) x 1
  • Rocket Launcher  (3 cost, Neutral/Ted) x 1

My thinking behind the deck

I’d heard a comment on a Facebook page that Sing and Bala-Tik were a lethal combination. So I thought I’d like to explore that. They are obviously an aggro combination. I had a single die for each and some points spare so I chucked in the Tie Pilot to work with Sing especially. Plus it gives me access to a second colour with cool weapon upgrades.

The theme is to strike hard and fast. Hopefully doing 5 or 6 damage minimum a turn.

To help with that I have cards to manipulate the dice (Nowhere to Run, Bait and Switch, and Aim).

I have cards like Disarm, Flank, and He Doesn’t Like You to remove opponents dice or weapons/equipment.

Cheat is a go to card with Yellow to give me a chance of recursion.

Air Superiority is there to help give shields to keep characters alive long enough to kill off the likes of ePalpatine.

As part of the plan I use attrition to make defeating my characters come with a cost.

Backup Muscle is part of the plan for inflicting addition damage. While Relentless Pursuit is a nice way to attack a character hiding behind shields. I attack an undefended character then move the damage to my intended target.

Collateral Damage is there to make use of my damage and do addition stuff to my opponent by removing a resource. Salvo is there for a similar reason but this time to maximise its impact.

Armed to the Teeth could provide that final point or two of damage to win the game.

The weapons and support are there to give extra chances for the Tie Pilot addition damage sides to be used.

How’d it do?

Well it’s been doing really well against Dale. Against his Chewie/Mon Mothma it’s been really successful. I’d like to say dominating it. Dale has been tweaking it, and improving his deck. In fact he ended the week on a high with a win.

Against Dale’s ePalpatine it’s 50/50. Mind you we only played two games. But that match up really is a race to roll damage.

Where next?

I would like a second backup muscle and air superiority.

I’d like to replace the 3 cost cards I have with cheaper options. This deck isn’t about getting resources and saving up. It’s about rushing stuff out cheaply and quickly, finishing off my opponent quickly.

I must get Dale to play my mill deck against this.

ePadme/Jyn Mono Mill 2.0

In my previous post I went through my first version of this mono mill deck. Since then I’ve made some changes.


Battlefield: Command Center (Lothal)


  • Friends in Low Places (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Rebel (1 cost, Hero/Yellow) x 2
  • Evade (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Block (2 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Take Cover (0 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Daring Escape (2 cost, Hero/Gray) x 1
  • Bolt Hole (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Cheat (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Long Con (0 cost, Hero/Yellow) x 2
  • Unpredictable (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Dodge (2 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Diversion (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2


  • R2-D2 (2 cost, Hero/Gray) x 2


  • Ammo Belt (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Ascension Gun (2 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Second Chance (3 cost,Hero/Yellow) x 1

My thinking behind the deck

The changes have mainly been to strengthen what the deck is meant to do best, mill. So in comes Command Center for War-Torn Streets. For some reason my battlefield never gets chosen by Dale. But that’s what the Ascension Gun is for, I don’t care I can still use it.

Second Chance is there to keep Padme on the board. Throw in Ammo Belt and some recursion and Padme is very hard to get rid of.

R2-D2 was added to boost Jyns discard from hand sides of her dice. 

Evade, Bolt Hole and Friends in Low Places were taken up to two copies each to improve their likely hood of being drawn.

How’d it do?

I did try this as eJyn/Padme but it didn’t work as well for me as the ePadme/Jyn. Mind you it could be because the first game yesterday against Dales Hero deck (I should have made a note of his line up) drew all the right cards for him early on and was doing lots of damage. Back to ePadme/Jyn and not so great card draw for Dale I took the next three games.

The bane of my life ePalpatine. This deck is doing a lot better against it. It won two games against it, and the ones it lost were pretty close games. I was using Con Artist (borrowed from Dale) instead of Rebel. Which made a big difference I think.

In our final game I proxied in a second Second Chance. Yeah I need a second one of these. Along with my Dodge (Block wasn’t needed against this version of Dales deck), Evade and Unpredictable I was able to avoid and hang in there against this damage heavy deck.

I found I wasn’t using R2-D2 at all against ePalpatine, he came out in two early games.   So R2-D2 is at risk.

In one game I rolled the following. Which equated to six cards discarded from the top of Dales deck. That’s massive.

Where next?

If my opponent gets a good draw on a damage heavy deck I have problems. Who wouldn’t?

Ideally I’d like more recursion. So I can pull back cards to keep me in the game longer.

It needs that second copy of Second Chance.  Con Artist worked well so Rebel is my most likely candidate for going in its place. 

Over on Instagram the following helpful suggestions were made:

Sadly because Scout is a red hero card I can’t use it in this yellow mono hero deck! Although Cunning does look very interesting.

I think the mono mill deck is nearly there. A couple of tweaks and until the next set is released it’s not going to change. So in all likely hood the next post about this deck will be the final one!

Boats and Spaceships

Yesterday saw some impromptu gaming between Jonathan, myself, Chris and Edmund.

But how did we get to that point? Well I needed a big favour from Jonathan! I’d sold my Android Netrunner collection, and needed to print out the delivery label so myHermes could pick it up today. Sadly my printer/scanner is just a scanner these days. So I threw myself on the mercy of Jonathan. Who suggested we also play a game too. The invite went out on the Fenland Gamers Facebook page. And there we were, playing Keyflower on a Sunday afternoon.

Boy did Edmund grok this game. He destroyed us. While Edmund was grokking the game, Jonathan was getting wound up, because the game was not clicking for him. Sometimes that happens with a game, and you need another play at least before it clicks. It’s that second game that the person usually ends up whooping my butt at the game. The important point is that I beat Jonathan by two massive points this time.

Like Nations: the Dice Game Keyflower is over way way to quickly. 

But still a pleasant surprise for the Sunday afternoon.

Today Dale and I spent it productively testing Star Wars: Destiny decks (lunchtime only). 

By the end of our gaming Dale edged it winning 6-5. 

Our first four games were a new hero deck that Dale came up with. It demolished my ePadme/Jyn deck. It was crazy in the damage it was doing. But the remaining three games the cards weren’t so favourable to Dale and I won.

Dale then lent me Con Artist to swap in to see how that would work in my deck. Our remaining games were Dales ePalpatine against my ePadme/Jyn. They were pretty tight games. In our final game I proxied in a second Second Chance. Con Artist worked pretty well. And I most certainly need that second Second Chance.

I’ll have to do a post of my deck in its 2.0 state. If the dice come off (like the photo above – I rolled that today) thats 6 cards off the top of the opponents deck. That’s insane!

Verses: Star Realms vs Star Wars Destiny

If you have been following the posts of mine about ranking and my top games posts you will have seen that these two games have been in my Top 10 games since I started using my “match up engine”. Plus because of the nature of my process they were always going to go head to head.

So Star Realms or Star Wars: Destiny? Which did I choose?

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love Star Realms. Thanks to an awesome app I have up to 20 games on the go at a time. I’ve played thousands of games. Since records began I’ve actually managed to get the physical game to the table a whole 25 times. I really do like the deck building mechanic. The shared trade row. Plus the expansions. Oh my, the expansions. You can mix and match or if like me just play with everything thrown all in. With Gambits and Events you can get some crazy turn one purchases. Plus missions now change how a game can be won. This game just gets better and better. Oh and comboing cards so you draw your whole hand, and do one massive amount of damage. Or when you claw back from a single authority to get the win. You definitely get some great gaming moments in this game.

Star Wars: Destiny, OMG! I knew if I played it I’d get hooked. It ticks a lot of boxes for me, deck construction, dice, Star Wars. Ok the collectible side of the game is a big draw back.  But no worse than Magic the Gathering, Dice Masters or others of that ilk. There has been that initial difficulty in getting product. But hopefully that has been resolved by FFG, and so far it’s looking that way. I enjoy the deck construction side. I like building decks and playing them to see if they work. Yes there is a random element with the dice rolls. But there are ways to reroll and even chose a face of the die. So I don’t see that as a drawback. Sometimes the dice rolling adds an element of suspense that I like. Especially when the other player rolls badly letting you off the hook for an action or two while they mitigate that bad roll.

In the end I kinda copped out, sat on the fence and declared this one a draw. I really enjoy playing both of these games. And would find it really hard to make a choice between which to play if they were both in front of me.

And looking at the comments to the post on Facebook and Instagram, the slight edge goes to Star Realms. But it was close, one vote in it. And a draw if I take out the Hero Realms vote! The public can’t decide either then.

The Mill is Real

Lunchtimes are Star Wars Destiny for Dale and me. Last week after I got my butt kicked by Dale and his abuse of extra actions. I hit the drawing board and set myself a small project to build a yellow mill deck.

Today saw the grand revealing of the first iteration of my Jyn/Padme mill deck. There are still one or two cards in the postal system that will make this even worse (hopefully). I’ll write new posts as and when to cover those additions.

Battlefield: War-Torn Streets (Jedha)


  • Friends in Low Places (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 1
  • Close Quarters Assault (0 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 1
  • Rebel (1 cost, Hero/Yellow) x 2
  • Evade (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 1
  • Block (2 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Take Cover (0 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Daring Escape (2 cost, Hero/Gray) x 1
  • Bolt Hole (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 1
  • Cheat (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2
  • Long Con (0 cost, Hero/Yellow) x 2
  • Let the Wookie Win (1 cost, Hero/Yellow) x 1
  • Parry (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 1
  • Unpredictable (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 1
  • Dodge (2 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Diversion (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 2 – had to borrow one of these from Dale
  • Scavenge (0 cost, Hero/Yellow) x 1


  • BB-8 (1 cost, Hero/Gray) x 1
  • Outmaneuver (1 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 1
  • Improvisation (0 cost, Neutral/Yellow) x 1


  • Ammo Belt (1 cost, Neutral/Gray) x 2
  • Rey’s Staff (2 cost, Hero/Gray) x 1
  • Vibroknife (2 cost,Neutral/Gray) x 1

My thinking behind this deck

Naturally the aim of this deck is to mill cards. Get victory by forcing my opponent (ie Dale in this case) to burn through his deck until he no longer has any cards to draw, and has no cards in hand, to get me the win.

Padme (removing cards from the deck) and Jyn (removing cards from hand) synergize really well for a milling deck.

I wanted cards in my deck that allowed me to avoid some of the melee and ranged damage I could be facing, with the aim to keep my characters alive as long as possible (Dodge,Parry,Block and Evade). Then with cards like Take Cover,Bolt Hole I am adding shields. Cards like Daring Escape, and Unpredictable are included to help me try and get lucky and reroll an opponents die to something more to my liking.

Cheat, Scavenge and Rebel are in there to allow me to replay cards from my discard pile. Which becomes very important for recycling particular cards once they arrive.

Naturally Padme needs resources to fuel her milling. So for that I have Long Con, Outmaneuver.

To help with the milling I have Friends in Low Places, and Close Quaters Assault (used with Rey’s Staff and Vibroknife). Although those three cards will be replaced when the new cards arrive.

BB-8 and Improvisation are there to help me with my rerolls. Whilst Diversion and Let The Wookie Win are included to try and disrupt the other players resource economy and dice.

Ammo belt will become more important when the new cards arrive.

So that’s the current state of my mill deck. There are some improvements coming. But as I said I think in previous posts I have a very small card pool. Which means I have to try and research which cards would fit in this deck, and then hunt copies down.

How’d it do?

Dale and I played two games today. The first was close. I had loads of cards left in my deck, and it came down to a dice roll. If Jyn had come up with a discard I would have won. But she didn’t, her dice came up a ranged attack. Which Dale was able to use against me (before I had a chance to reroll her dice) to kill Jyn to get the win. The milling had been working ridiculously well. Padme held in for a long time, drawing a lot of the damage that Dale was able to deal. By the time she was finally killed, it was too late, the damage had been done.

Our second game went much more to plan. It did surprise me that I had milled Dale so much. It hadn’t really registered that I had done that much. I had three cards left in my deck by the time I finished Dale off.

A few of Dale’s cards in his deck were redundant with my deck. mainly because they were there to remove damage from ranged and melee attacks. Attacks I wasn’t doing. They effectively became cards to use to do rerolls.

Dale didn’t enjoy playing against this deck (although I felt that way a little last week against that extra action abuse I faced). And once I have it working properly with the cards I have in the postal system, it will most likely be retired. I’ll move on to Rey at that point and try and come up with a good Rey deck.

It’s not fun playing all the time against the same nasty deck. Now cards are, at the moment easier to get hold of, and the Awakenings reprint soon to hit stores, our card pool is getting bigger. We don’t have everything. Dale and I are if able to lend cards to make decks work. So we will see. I think Dale will be going Palpatine with two dice for his next deck. It was Palpatine and a Royal Guard today. There is some payback coming soon I’m sure.

The Destiny Challenge

So Dale kicked my butt today in our game of Star Wars Destiny.

I was playing a Jyn/Rey deck. While Dale was playing Rey/Maz. He had Force Speed to. Which on its special side with Maz was giving him four extra actions! That was obscene. Dale also had Force Heal which he used to heal Rey a couple of times.

Dale definitely has the upper hand at the moment. The increased card pool available to him from the booster box he bought has paid off.

I got to thinking, can I do better and cheaper targeting specific cards for my deck? So the challenge is I have a budget/target of what Dale paid for his booster box. Can I build a better deck for less?

I have an idea of the cards I want for my deck. I need to improve the mill side of it, plus combat the damage it takes.

Some of those cards are already on the way. But three of them I need to hunt around for. 

I need to research some more cards that will strengthen the deck. 

May the 4th Be With You 2017

May the 4th Be With You – Happy Star Wars Day.

As we remember our princess and droid that left us for a galaxy far far away, we also celebrate our love for all things Star Wars.

I have plans for the day which includes Star Wars themed gaming. But all that will be discussed in the next post.

Are you planning on playing any Star Wars games today?

Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser Released

The above says it all really. Where have the years gone?

Currently in the US (Orlando I believe) they are into the second day of a Star Wars orgy Star Wars Celebration. They have so many big names there taking part, original cast, new cast, behind the scenes people, memorabilia the lot. And it’s all live streamed ^__^

Just now (as I write this) they have released the official teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Spoiler alert! It’s frickin AMAZING!

We were also spoilt with the poster also, OMG how cool is this?

Finally they did a touching tribute to Carrie Fisher.

IA: Stormtroopers

Continuing what I think is a bias by FGG towards the Empire in its expansions for Imperial Assault comes the Stormtroopers Villians Pack.

In this expansion you get three Stormtrooper models. (Yes I know I still have to finish painting my existing Stormtroopers)

I do like the included skirmish upgrade card. I'd actually like two or more copies of that card to power a troopers only team. Having not played the campaign side I can't comment on the three included agenda cards.

As with all expansions you get two skirmish mission cards.

There are two deployment cards for the new troopers.

The Stormtroopers come with four command cards, and this is rather cool a reward card called 501st Training. Why is this cool? Well you know all those Stormtroopers you see at cons etc? They are all part of a fan driven organisation called the 501st Garrison. These guys have even paraded for Lucas! So this card is a lovely little tribute to these die hard fans.

Finally there are the skirmish map and campaign mission. And as usual I don't show the campaign side of the sheet so I don't ruin any surprises.

The skirmish map in this Villian pack is one of the tournament legal skirmish maps.

Finally this Villians pack has the id tokens.