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Third and Final Scythe Expansion Announced

Scythe: The Rise of Fenris, the third and final expansion for Scythe has been announced. Arriving in Q3, I’m already excited about this news. Scythe was my game of 2016, in my first ever Top 100 this year, took the the number one slot. 11 new modules that you can mix and match in, plus a replayable campaign mode that introduces those modules as you progress through it. In away sounds a little like the Tuscany expansion that came out for Viticulture but with more thought put into the campaign side. If I remember correctly the suggestion was for Tuscany that the winner chooses the next module to add into the game. Well ok it’s really the module side that is similar. The campaign element is really new if we are being totally accurate. But still really looking forward to this coming out, and I’ll be preordering this as soon as I’m able to.

Read the full press release HERE.

Star Realms App Update Available 

New major update of the Star Realms app is out. Look at what they have added.

I’m really chuffed about the friends list. More cards is also good. Plus I can challenge a friend to a real time game also. I’m not really a campaign player. All of my play is against friends. 

£3.99 to get the new cards. Which sounds expensive but that includes unlocking the cards across all platforms. That’s the nice thing about the Star Realms app. No matter which platform I play the game on once I buy an expansion I have it available across everything.

Some much needed additions. A must update to download. I think a must buy expansion but your mileage may vary on that.

Modiphius Suck It

Like buses it seems Fallout games are coming along in pairs. 

Today FFG announced they will be releasing in the last quarter of 2017 a 1 – 4 player game based on the popular video game franchise Fallout.

Wait a game I won’t have to spend hours or even days assembling, one that I can buy and play straight away? Wow that’s ground breaking.

Modiphius can as the once WWE superstars Degeneration X said “Suck it!”

This is how you handle a popular IP that will appeal to non-gamers. This audience isn’t interested in spending hours cutting and gluing. They want to buy and play. Oh one or two might enjoy it but not the majority who this would appeal to. Let’s face it you don’t splash money out to buy an IP like this to appeal to your core market. You are trying to appeal to that wider audience that wouldn’t normally buy your stuff. How else are you going to make your money back on that expensive IP licence?

Let’s face it we have had a few popular IP licensed in recent years for miniature skirmish like games. Predator and Aliens, Terminator, and Walking Dead naming a few. How many do you see being played at your local FLGS or game club?

Look I can rant about this all night. At the end of the day I’ll vote like many others with my wallet. Which means my vote will be going to FFG, as I imagine the great majority of people’s votes. You can be certain of the fact the FFG game will outsell the Modiphius one by a big margin.

You can read the FFG announcement HERE

More than meets the eye…

well not in a Transformers movie there isn’t. They are as deep as a dry puddle. You don’t go to see a Transformers movie for it’s Oscar winning performances, or plot lines that examine the depths of human emotion or psyche. So yes my expectations last night when I saw the latest installment of the Michael Bay Transformers franchise Transformers: The Last Knight were pretty low.

Why did I go and see this movie if I think so little of them? Well like the Fast and Furious movies I’ve seen all the previous ones, I might as well stay and see the end of these train wrecks. Plus as a brain dead, don’t think too hard about the movie or you will see the gaping big holes in the plot, lots of over the top CGI action, paper thin characters,style movie, it’s a watchable film.

I do like to see which Hollywood stars have hit hard times, and had to swallow their artistic integrity and take that Michael Bay strap on he has made of money in their orifices. This time it would appear that Anthony Hopkins has fallen on hard times and had to prostitute himself, and allow Bay to humiliate him by putting him in front of the camera. Some actors like John Goodman and Steve Buscemi managed to hide behind the camera and provide voices for the CGI characters (but we know their hidden shame). CGI characters that to be fair displayed a wider emotional range on screen than Mark Wahlberg.  Ok I do think that the new love interest Laura Haddock given the fact she is meant to be eye candy to distract the intended male audience from the plot holes, and despite the script, did a good job.

The movie like so many others is filmed at Bourne Woods near Frensham Little Pond. It’s a very popular filming location. I’ve walked my dogs around that area many times over the years when I lived that way. I recognize the trees!!! Yes I’m that sad.

So in conclusion despite this rant, as a switch off, don’t have to think, just enjoy the CGI type experience then this is a watchable film.

Oh I’ve already got my Spider-Man ticket and War for the Planet of the Apes ticket booked. Well that’s how I ended up at Trasnformers really. I was online looking whats out, saw that I could pre-book these two films, and then thought “I have an unlimited ticket”, why not? Ok we know why not? But still…

The bestselling Legendary® Deck Building Game is coming to mobile and desktop devices. Experience Legendary with your friends like never before; same great game, a brand new fantasy. You will never play the same game twice as the game changes each time you play. Team up with other players and fight to the end but make sure you have collected enough victory points along the way to be victorious.

Would have been nice if it had been the actual Marvel characters. But I’ll take this. Maybe they can sort out the licencing to allow us to play in the Marvel universe, or even the Alien/Predator/Fire Fly/Buffy/Big Trouble in Little China universes.

You can sign up for the early access HERE.

And yes I did sign up.

Fantastic Four Return

While I was at the UK Games Expo this story hit that the out of print Fantastic Four expansion for Marvel Legendary will be back in print.

That’s huge news. This is an additional product to the Marvel Legendary plans for the year. It is also an exact reprint of the original expansion so no new content, and no first print promo card included (this was confirmed on their Facebook page iirc).

So expect a mad dash by those that have been holding on to their copy trying to sell it in hope of getting the inflated price it has been going for before the market totally disappears. It’s good news for fans of the game that wanted this expansion but couldn’t afford or justify the inflated prices being asked for it.

Now we need Days of Wonder to relent like Marvel (although things on the Marvel end were a bit complicated) and republish some of the out of print expansions for Memoir ’44. If Days of Wonder are unsure of demand, they could run a Kickstarter campaign for the expansions, and then just keep the supply topped up from time to time so that prices don’t get silly again and people who love playing the game can get the expansions and play them. Do Days of Wonder not like money or something?

Read the full icv2 article here.

Holding on by my finger tips

This Wednesday sees a “massive” update to the Star Realms app.

In an email plus a more detailed post we got the following warning:




So what changes warrant this ominous warning?

For starters the app is getting a graphic update.

Apart from the new look, we are getting more cards:

  • “53 All-New Colony Wars cards in the Trade Deck with fun, new mechanics
  • Cards that can be purchased from the Trade Row and can immediately be put into play or into a player’s hand.
  • Blob faction has a new ability to “acquire a ship of cost x or less for free”.
  • The Stealth Tower card that comes with Colony Wars allows you to copy any base in play!
  • Two new chapters in the ongoing campaign, each with six missions!”

In their infinite wisdom the way levelling works is changing:

Currently, we have a lot of players that are “Forever Fives” – stuck at level 5 (that’d be me). This isn’t much fun, so now, if you make it to level 6, that will be your floor. If you then make it to level 7, that will be your floor, and so on. Sounds more fun, doesn’t it? However, it should be noted that now challenges won’t count towards your level or weekly or monthly leaderboards, but they will still count towards your overall number of games played, as well as your win percentage.

So this change is going to be controversial. I welcome the moving floor. However the majority of my games are challenges against friends and the odd mystery Internet person I’ve never met, but been playing for a long time now. So basically if I want to level up I am forced to play random  games. Otherwise if I don’t want to play random games whatever level I’m at the end of Tuesday I’m stuck at. Wow that sounds fun!

Another big change is real time games! I’d go read the post for this one. I think it will replace the 3 minute games. Which I hardly ever played. I’ve seen some welcoming this. Mainly from those that stream games. I might start doing that myself. Who knows? The whim might take me to show the world just how bad I am at the game!

So I need to complete all my current games by Tuesday, make sure I don’t drop below level 6 (I don’t think I can push it up to 7).

You can read the whole announcement HERE.

The Force Is With Us

Wow FFG or Fantasy Flight Games as they are known, part of the Asmodee Borg Collective made one or two Star Wars related announcements yesterday.

The first one I’m interested in is the first expansion for Star Wars Rebellion, Rise of the Empire.

“…Rise of the Empire enhances your games with eight new leaders, thirty-six plastic miniatures, five target markers, two attachment rings, three new dice, and more than one-hundred new cards. You’ll find U-wings, TIE Strikers, Nebulon-B frigates, and the Interdictor.” 

Rogue One is basically coming to the game. So despite having not played Rebellion yet (and I do own it now), I’m still pretty stoked about this.

You can read the full FFG news post HERE.

Next up from FFG and their big announcements was news about their next big box expansion for Imperial Assault, Heart of the Empire and new villain packs.

Heart of the Empire naturally means the campaign side of the game visits Coruscant. And naturally that means two new skirmish maps.  We can tell which characters are tokens in this box because we are also getting two villain packs and an ally pack along side it.

  • Maul Villain Pack
  • Emperor Palpatine Villain Pack
  • Ahsoka Tano Ally Pack

I’m excited about Maul. Vader,Maul and Palpatine skirmish team up against a Jedi one?

I have to face up to the fact this may be the last wave for Imperial Assault for me. It’s just not getting to the table. I love it. But to justify the expense it needs to be played.

FFG are saying third quarter for these.

You can read the two stories HERE and HERE.

On a related note the Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion booster box finally arrived this morning.

Sadly I can’t open it until Monday! Dale and I bought this together. Fifty fifty split. So we do that at work, blind drafting booster packs.

On a totally unrelated note, Days of Wonder are releasing the third (?) expansion for Five Tribes, Whims of the Sultan next month.

Jonathan likes to point out, and I’m sure many others have done also, Five Tribes only plays upto four and not five. Plus if you add in the expansion The Artisans of Naqala it’s technically six tribes!

So this expansion allows a fifth player. How it plays with five I don’t know. Would I want to play with five players? These sort of addition player addons make me nervous. If it was meant to be played at that player count or was any good they would have released it that way in the base game. This strikes me as pandering to demands (by who I don’t know). New tiles and options are always good on the other hand.

So yeah this will be added to the collection. If I’m really really lucky it’s at UKGE. But in reality more likely Origins in the US.

You can read the full announcement HERE.

Community v Community

I love the zombie post apocalyptic survivor theme, especially when it’s wrapped in a great graphic novel like The Walking Dead or one of the classic Living Dead movies.

The boardgame Dead of Winter did a pretty good job of capturing the feeling of those source materials. Survivors thrown together to try and survive against the odds. The odds were not just the zombie horde but dwindling resources and the elements. 

Plaid Hat then followed that up adding an expansion that could be combined with the original game in a modular fashion or be played stand alone.

But Plaid Hat have decided try and recreate that feel of warring survivor communities that you see in the last season or so of The Walking Dead. Plaid Hat today announced a new Dead of Winter expansion called Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies.

This new expansion adds a new Team Variant that requires both The Dead of Winter and The Long Night to play. But it then allows 4 – 11 players to form two colonies to compete against each other. 

The Lone Wolf module also sounds interesting. Which has a single player playing as their own team.

It sounds like a very exciting addition to the game. 11 people playing the game at once?!!! Wow. Could I get that many people together to play it?

I like the sound of the direction Plaid Hat seems to be taking Dead of Winter. It’s like they are following the story arc of the Walking Dead. Or the survivors story we have been playing in the Dead of Winter has just taken a new twist. 

You can read the full announcement HERE.

Gloomhaven Second Printing – Funded

Unsurprisingly the second printing of Gloomhaven funded this morning. So my bank account is a bit smaller today.

But look at that final funded total. Two more games (with delivery) would have taken it through the $4 million barrier. 

It was within $300k of matching the Eric Langa Ding Dongs and CMoNs oriental version of A Game of Thrones – Rising Sun. Which is phenomenal. Especially when you consider Gloomhaven didn’t have to rely on cheap (well not so cheap to produce) theatrics of amazing looking minis and Kickstarter exclusives.

The great thing is delivery is expected in August. So barring any unforeseen events, September should see the start of the campaign.

With 7th Continent also hopefully arriving around the same time. Plus Pandemic Legacy Season 2 also dropping in this crowded slot. This Autumn is going to be a scheduling nightmare.