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new arrivals

Sunday Surprise

I knew that my second order from Card Kingdom was somewhere between their location on the west coast of America, the Atlantic and our postal system. So when the 2 battle decks, rookie deck, and sideboard starter turned up today I was a little surprised. Like the latest MtG duel deck I was expecting it next week sometime. But both early on a Sunday. What a pleasant surprise.

I’m a fan of the MtG duel decks. They are great for casual players who just want that MtG experience without all the investment and deck building etc. I’m really looking forward to playing this latest set of Merfolk vs Goblins. Especially when I’m hoping there are cards in the merfolk deck that I could use in a merfolk tribal deck for Commander. Yeah I have a merfolk deck on my list of Commander decks to build. I think Ixalan will be inspiring lots of tribal decks for Commander players. With this duel deck, Explorers of Ixalan and the next set Rivals of Ixalan there will be plenty of options to build tribal decks around merfolk. Naturally I’m not counting cards from earlier sets, because I don’t have many. So I build from what I have. Besides I won’t break up a duel deck, so if there are cards I want I’ll have to target buy or buy another copy. Anyway I digress.

These duel decks are my “let’s play a game of magic” for my friends and myself. Or sometimes for my students to use to play with.

The battle decks from Card Kingdom are their version/equivalent to the official Planeswalker decks. So I went with their new merfolk and dinosaur decks. After that digression earlier I bet you can guess why I got these two decks. Which might eventually be their final destination. But in the meantime they are going to fill the same kind of job as the duel decks which I think they are ideal for. Naturally at $10 a piece you are not going to be getting any high value cards. But used as I intend to they are a bargain.

The rookie red deck is just a basic deck I can use along side Welcome Decks to teach the game. Whilst I wanted the sideboard to introduce the concept to my students.

Naturally it goes without saying I’m rather keen to try these decks.


Yesterday Justin, Jonathan and myself played a couple of games. Our first game was Sub Terra. The baggage this game has is a nice source of banter at my expense. But then again it’s banter if you give it, you also have to receive it. This was a first time in the depths underground for Jonathan and Justin. Jonathan was designated first player by the fact his arm had been down a manhole recently. Which sadly was the nearest any of us had been to being underground. The criteria for choosing the first player in the rules is the person who most recently has been below ground. Thematic but still.

Jonathan and Justin both went off exploring in one direction while my two characters went off in another. A Horror didn’t turn up until the second half of the game. Unluckily for me the exit was on the side of the cave complex that Jonathan and Justin were on. Even worse for me was there was not a chance I’d make it over to them in time before we were out of time. Which didn’t matter, even with two horrors on their tails, both my cavers became unconscious. Still 4 out of 6 escaped. So we won the game!

Our second and final game of the afternoon was London (Second Edition). Which to cut along boring story short I won. Justin thanks to having lots of poverty ended up with a negative score. I think played right his tactic of 7/8 stacks could work. But when you ran the city you’d have to have zero cards in hand by the time you got to the calculating poverty stage.

A great afternoon gaming, and once more a big thanks to our hosts The White Lion for allowing us to play there.

The Computer Loves You

Way back in 2014 I backed the reboot/update of an “old” rpg called Paranoia. (You can read more about the game after all the photos, where I blatantly steal the publishers words.)

It was estimated to be delivered for June 2015.

Yesterday I finally got my Director’s Commentary level pledge. Yep a wee bit over due.

So I thought I’d celebrate its arrival by showing off its content here.

So that level included “the complete Paranoia Box Set, special Ultraviolet Kickstarter Edition”. Which means I get this neat A5 white box with the logo in white. I like this design a lot. 

Inside the box are found four A5 books. These make up the rules (game master and player), missions, and a guide to Alpha Complex.

I like the size. The binding seems ok. Although some have on the Kickstarter comments section raised concerns about the binding. 

There are also four wipe clean boards for players to record their characters on. Although I doubt I’ll use these. I have a PDF of the form, plus copies in the forms pack. So I’ll just print copies off and use them.

We also have cards to use in the game. They aren’t the best quality and will be getting sleeved. But I still like these better than the Munchkin Letter cards (which long suffering readers will remember I dislike). 

There are also five dice included. And the publisher is getting a lot of heat for these. Rightly so. I’m ok with the red computer die, but the four little player dice. Dire. It’s not the end of the world but still, I’d expected better. I’ll be replacing these with better normal sized ones.

I thought I’d include some pictures from the back of the books and one from the Interactive Screen, that hint at the humour of the game.

I did buy two add ons for the game.

The first being two forms packs for the game.

The second item was the Interactive Screen or otherwise known as the GM screen.

I also got special PDFs of the rules “with annotations from the designers so I can see what influenced their writing, along with a … MP3 file in which the designer’s talk about the design process.”

Over all I’m happy with what I’ve received. Yes very relieved that the Kickstarter has finally delivered. Now it’s time to do some reading and recruit some agents to do the computers dirty work.

A Big Copy and Paste Job From The Kickstarter Page About Paranoia…

Quick aside: I’ve done this bit to save people time so they can find out more about this release of the game. I don’t usually copy and paste this much, and I feel cheap and dirty for doing so. But I also save time in not having to paraphrase it etc.

Paranoia is a roleplaying game set in a darkly humorous future. In Paranoia, a well-meaning but deranged computer desperately protects the citizens of an underground warren from all sorts of real and imagined enemies. You play one of The Computer’s elite agents. Your job is to search out and destroy the enemies of The Computer. Your worst fear is that The Computer will discover that you are one of these enemies.

Paranoia: A light-hearted game of terror, death, bureaucracies, mad scientists, mutants, dangerous weapons, and insane robots, which encourages players to lie, to cheat, and backstab each other at every turn.

The all new, rebooted Paranoia box set has been designed to be played almost immediately from opening the box. It offers fast, manic game play through the use of streamlined mechanics and substantial components including Computer Dice and high quality cards (my note not as high quality as we were lead to believe from this) to represent equipment, mutations and much more

Paranoia now offers a thoroughly modern roleplaying experience, allowing you to get into the game even quicker:

  • Streamlined, simple rules with new card play that allows maximum carnage while allowing you to concentrate on the action (and survival).
  • A 21st Century approach to Alpha Complex – Terrorists have taken their proper place as the greatest threat now but Commies are still lurking in the background, and the Computer’s benevolent surveillance capabilities are as all-encompassing as they were envisioned in 1984 (Paranoia’s original release!).
  • Minimum effort, maximum fun – with the simplified game system and card decks, you will be able to get into Paranoia within 10-15 minutes.”

The saga ends

Guess what was waiting for me when I got home?

I had been tipped off earlier in the day when others in a Facebook boardgame chat group for the UK started posting theirs had arrived unnounced.

So here is the contents from that massive box.

As far as I can tell at the moment everything is there, apart from six dice. But they might actually be in one of the unopened sealed boxes.

So having learnt my lesson with Kemet, I now have a long task making sure every box has exactly what is meant to be inside them. 

I am going to keep to my word, this is the last CMoN project I will back it buy. It’s left too much of a bad taste in my mouth to want to have anything else to do with them.

Very minor building works we5Jun16

I finally caught up with the latest Android Netrunner data packs for the Mumbad Cycle. Somehow missed Salsette Island coming out. I know shocking, how did I function without it? Yesterday on the way home from the NEC I was listening to Terminal 7 run through the cards for The Liberated Mind (the latest data pack), and was getting excited about a couple, and thinking how do I fit them into my deck?

I have to say there are cards from Salsette Island I want to fit in as well. Looks like I'm going to be tinkering with my Noise and NBN decks. I also got an idea for a Criminal deck too, which was given to me by the Run Last Click guys from the live podcast recording I went to at the weekend. Which I think will also have one very special card in it.

Also arriving too late to go with me to the expo, but it didn't matter because I didn't get to play the Magic duel decks I took anyway, was the latest duel decks Blessed v Cursed that is set in the Shadows over Innistrad world.

For a casual Magic player like me these duel decks are brilliant. I don't have to worry about deck building (which I have dipped my toes into using my limited card pool), and two of us can battle it out using “balanced” decks.

All the expo building work that was done at the weekend will be in its own seperate post when I write up the happenings of the expo.


New Stuff We29May16

This weeks latest bricks in the gaming extension I'm building to my home.
The main reason A Game of Thrones the board game hasn't been added to the collection earlier is the lack of people to play with. It requires a minimum of three to play, which rules out just Nath and I playing it. However I have found others interested in playing the game, so here it is, ready for us to battle it out for control of Westeros.

I like the deck building kits for Magic. They fit in with my casual approach to the game. So this adds to my card pool and gives me a couple of boosters from the Shadows over Innistrad set just released.

Grave Consequences the expansion for Elder Sign that was “sneaked out” found its way to my letter box. This is a small small expansion made up of three small decks that up the difficulty level of the game.

The last new arrival shouldn't be a surprise to anyone really. It was just a matter of time before it appeared. And please when I declare it my game of the month try and act surprised!

So that wraps up this weeks just arrived stuff.

Minor building works we21may16

Trading. Trading games specifically is hard for me. Which game am I prepared to sacrifice from my collection to gain another to add to it. My first time trading was ok, it didn't require too big a sacrifice. However this time the sacrifice was bigger. Ok I didn't blink, or pause to think when I agreed to it, up for grabs was a grail game for me the English language version of Glen More. All I had to do was sacrifice Viva Java the coffee game the dice game for it. Not one I want to lose from the collection, but then again easier to replace than to buy Glen More in English. So the decision was a no brainer, the deal done, Wednesday I took delivery of the game from Matt when we played Pandemic Legacy.
It's dangerous being in the “candy store” for a tournament, that's why the third and final set of the Epic Tyrants expansions ended up leaving with me.
Why three copies? Well I have three copies of the game, so to be able to play all three copies as an Epic cube…
7 Wonders has a two player variant that according to popular opinion isn't upto much. Sooo I'm kinda not likely to try playing the game with Nathan unless we can get a third player. Which is why the highly rated two player game 7 Wonders Duel has been on my radar since coming out to rave reviews. It's a smallish box, fits in my bag, I get a discount, “how did that get in my bag too?”

The next item although a welcome addition to the game Legendary, the expansion I want is the cards like Howard the Duck that came out last year in the 3D card packs they did in the US.

Oh and for the record I am a Cap fan, so more Cap is always good for me.


Minor building works

It's been a quiet week on building the collection. In fact if today's new arrival hadn't come there would have been no new additions at all.
Way back earlier in the year I took the opportunity to pre-order the 51st State “reboot” by Portal Games. That pre-order arrived this morning.
Portal ran their pre-order like a Kickstarter with “bonuses” being unlocked the more pre-orders they got. Here is the infographic they did to show what people were getting:

Going through the box after opening was like going through the layers of a chocolate box, each layer more delicious than the other.

The game with its wooden components and cardboard tokens do look gorgeous.

The instructions have a sense of humour that I really love, and bought a smile to my face with a little chuckle too.

The only down side from this wonderfully presented game is that it was missing the transfer sheet, and also it says two wooden faction discs with stickers and there was only one! So now I guess it's time to see what the Portal Customer support is like.

UPDATE just after posting: so we have a mini expansion in the game as part of the pre-order bonuses. Back of the tiles direct you to the website for the rules, which when you go there are nowhere to be found! It's the little things… And the ocd side of me is kicking in and starting to take the gloss off the warm fuzzy feeling I had opening the game.

Oh and you can read the collected game designer diary here (it's a PDF)


Last weeks new stuff weekending 7May16

The week started off with a Kickstarter project I had backed finally arriving. Although not about boardgames, it's about video games, specifically ones from the eighties and an amazing software house called Hewson.
The book was written by Andrew Hewson, who over came health issues to finish this book about his time in the UK games industry running one of the top video game companies in the country. Hewson put out some really great games like Paradroid, Uridium and Gibbly's Day Out. So I'm super stoked this has arrived. I really enjoy reading about the stories behind some of my favourite games back in the day.
The next new arrival I had totally forgotten had been ordered (way back in November if I'm remembering it right). So it was a complete surprise when it turns up. I just wasn't expecting it. My friend William said he had received an email that he was getting his, but I saw nothing warning me of its imminent arrival. Have to admit it was a rather nice surprise.
With its arrival it also acts as a pleasant reminder I do need to get Zombicide back to the table.
Way back on this blog I had a rant about why companies didn't release official playmats for their games. I think I even used Splendor as an example.
Even with there being an official mat to buy, it's not easy to get hold of. But with the interweb making borders irrelevant this one winged it's way from somewhere in the EU (can't remember where).
I do like the design of the official mat, it has some nice little touches that aid setup.
I have to admit I do prefer the look of the unofficial one I had made using a design I got off bgg if memory serves me right. Which now has a new home.

But boy is the official mat heavy! The heaviest one I have come across. It's thicker in depth, and has a larger play area.

Now I have the urge to play Splendor again…

The first X weekending 30Apr16

So here we are with the stuff that makes up the expanding part of my collection.

So just added more tiles, unique abilities to the characters of Room 25 and a new couple of new mechanics which includes the mini expansion The Audience (as a separate purchase) by getting the second season of Room 25. This all nicely fits into the base game box that comes with the second edition that I have.

Thanks to Instagram and the a recent rash of photos and praise for Flip City I crumbled and ordered a copy. Whilst in a weakened state I added my first Vikings themed game to the collection, also from TMG Bottlecap Vikings. And that was of interest to me because of the light element, and the rondel mechanic it uses.
Traders of Osaka has been on the radar for a little while. And I just want to get this to the table to play.
When I saw this go up on the Facebook trading and selling page, I couldn't believe some-one tried to reduce the price, when I checked the asking price against it was over fifty percentage reduced already. A real bargain. So I snapped it up for the asking price.

However when the game arrived I did my usual ocd thing of checking all the components against the components listed in the rule book. Two tokens were missing. This wasn't mentioned on the sale post, I was not happy. I messaged the seller, who seemed surprised. And to be fair to the they have offered to refund my money and pay for the return postage. But I've put that on hold until I've heard back from Mayday games (the publisher) about obtaining replacement tokens. Having played it at the weekend I won't be sending it back, it's playable without them and if push comes to shove I can create replacements (not ideal for my ocd) .

I have to say this is the second game now that everything has not been as expected. The other being the Lost Legacy with the damaged card. I wish before selling the sellers actually checked the games before listing and listed the faults and priced accordingly. I think the majority do. I don't think my two “bad” experiences were deliberate. But still, check before you list.

And that's it for this week.

New Gaming Wing Additions 24Apr16

First up the mid point in the Mumbad Cycle cycle arrived. Nothing in this data pack really grabbed me as “this has to go in my deck”. So for the time being this is a bought to just keep my card pool upto date. I felt dirty typing that, and even dirtier reading it back.

The first expansions for Ashes that I pre-ordered arrived. It should be hitting the stores real soon. Like the art work the packaging for these expansions is beautiful.
Because I pre-ordered it from PlaidHat themselves I got two promo Phoenixborn. I already had Dimona so not much point putting another photo of her up here. However it is worth putting up the new promo Phoenixborn Lulu Firststone. I also got extra dice that PlaidHat are now selling. And were also up for pre-order at the same time as the expansions. Which technically means I could run a mono dice Phoenixborn!
Dimona will be used most likely as a prize in any Ashes event I organise. If I'm lucky I can get one of the OP kits PlaidHat do that are currently only available to stores and organise something.


Can you believe that the UK Games Expo wasn't one of the promo game tiles made for Suburbia by Bezier Games when they did the Game Con Bonus Tiles promos? I know shocking!

The replacement die for Dead of Winter arrived. Which means I'm a happy bunny. But it still eats away what happened to the previous one.
Finally some new additions to the minifig collection.

This time I do really mean finally a replacement Batman Love Letter. I will manage to keep one of these one day.

So that's all the new additions to the new gaming wing being built.