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I love these two from the latest series. The hiker is worth getting just for the amazing accessories with it. Just look at that little compass. This also has the best backpack I’ve seen also.

The artic explorer was worth getting just for the penguin!

Three from series 16

I think they are on series 16 now, but whatever the series number I got three blind packs today of the current one.

Not too bothered about the cyborg like one. But the Devil suit Halloween one I like mainly because of the pumpkin bowl(?). 

I’m so stoked about the female boxer, that comes with a separate hair piece also.

New Series 15 Arrivals

So the local Asda is doing a two for four quid deal on Lego Minifigs at the moment. Which is cool.

So apart from one double (the astronaut) I'm very pleased with the others. Ok I'm pleased with the astronaut too it's pretty cool. With the “hawkman” one I keep thinking it needs a Brian Blessed beard so I can say “Gordon's alive! FLASH! Aaahaaa saviour of the universe”

When I saw there was a shark guy, I had to try and get that one. You'll see more of him when I think a post is jumping the shark!

I wouldn't mind getting the farmer one with its pig. But I do like this series.

Just in week starting 8/2/16

The latest Netrunner data pack Kala Ghoda landed through the letter box this week. Kala Ghoda is the first data pack in the Mumbad Cycle. A second pack of sleeves for Netrunner was also ordered to give me enough sleeves to use of that design.

Munchkin Gloom in its rediculous over sized box was picked up for a bargain price off the Facebook Trading and Selling Group.

Continuing my DVD trip down memory lane the 1949 serial King of the Rocket Men dropped through the letter box. This series is the inspiration behind the movie The Rocketeer. Which captured the whole feel, look really well.

Formula D is really getting under my skin. I love the game. Like Harbour I wanted something to use as a social media boast about winning. Hence the arrival of this little racing driver minifig.

Below are the extra sleeves I bought to sleeve my corporate deck. It was a little annoying and embarrassing to start sleeving the deck Tuesday before play only to discover I didn't have enough sleeves. Which forced me to play unsleeved.

I have to admit the FFG official Netrunner sleeves they produce like the four (I think it's four) official playmats look amazing. I just wish FFG produced a high quality Netrunner storage solution as WoTC do for MTG in the form of the gift boxes.


Late Mid Jan Arrivals 2016

Going to start this post about new arrivals with two new minifig arrivals. These two purchases were inspired by playing a recent acquisition funny enough about baseball. I thought these would be cool reminders to players about which side they are playing.

Ok the dice aren't as big as I was expecting, but still they will do as counters for Ashes to keep track of the various states that it has tokens for.
You really think that this second T.I.M.E. Stories expansion wasn't going to be on its way to me? Wow I thought you would know me better by now.
These following arrivals are pimping out my copy of 7 Wonders. The pimping starts off with the playmat, which I would argue should be in the base game as standard and not an optional extra to track down. Ok the Wonders Pack just adds a bit more variety to the base game. But I have two packs of the Viticulture metal coins, which will be split between 7 Wonders and Viticulture (when it arrives in my collection).

Lastly a second set of dice for Formula D arrived. I'm hoping we will be playing this game a bit at the Fenland Gamers, so having a second set will make things a bit easier.

A tale of postal incompetence and deceit

Or how Wisbech Royal Mail once more prove they are lazy and dishonest.

Way back in time to the start of December 2015 I ordered one or two bits from the Portal Games web store. Fast forward to last week. The bgg stuff had arrived, and still no sign of my order from Portal Games.

Yesterday when I placed a new order with bgg I declared on Twitter a race between this new order and the Portal Games order. Which would arrive first? Ignacy top dog at Portal twitted back no need to race, and to email them to get help tracking my package.

So I did a quick search on my emails to get my order number only to discover I had missed an email from them on the 13th January saying the package had been returned to them for some reason, and could I confirm my shipping address.

Oops egg on my face, how did I miss that email? Anyway I replied with my address. Which matched the one they had one file. How strange, why would it be returned?


Well I know they never tried delivering it, Nan doesn't leave the house. Anyone knocking one the door would attract the attention of my Wolfpack that she looks after while I'm at work. Besides if somehow Nan hadn't heard them there was no red card saying they had tried delivering it.

So the evidence points to at no time did the Wisbech Royal Mail try and deliver my package.

I then assume having not attempted to make the delivery the Wisbech Royal Mail left my package sitting in their sorting office limbo waiting for collection. A collection that was never going to happen because no one out side of their little closed collective knew the package had arrived in Wisbech. Then following the prescribed number of days, having not been collected, was sent back to the sender!

I have several tales from the last year about their staff lying about attempting to deliver a package, or failing to leave a delivery card. Or their local management failing to ever call when asked to (I was asked to leave my number when I tried to complain on numerous occasions when conveniently the management have gone home for the day).

So there is my tale of postal woe. Luckily the Wisbech Royal Mail didn't ruin my Christmas with their laziness and deceit.

During this Portal Games have been brilliant, despite my sarcasm.

Two Days of Christmas

Christmas Eve saw Nath and I at the cinema to see for the second time Star Wars The Force Awakens. Although we were only watching the 2D version of the movie, I had to get the 3D glasses the Vue Cinema are selling.

They look so blooming cool. Apparently Odeon cinemas are doing Star Wars branded Google Cardboard so will have to find time to visit one of them.
After the movie we ended up in Sainsburys for some very last minute veg buying, and somehow this piece of Lego ended up in the basket too.
I think it helped that it had been reduced by a fiver. But this is a great little model of Rey's speeder from the new movie. I also love the Rey minifig, especially with the head gear on.

After I had built my little Lego treat, I finally caved and bought Nath the full version of the Star Realms app and its expansions. He's been playing the app but just not online. So now father and son can play Star Realms while apart. Oh if you wish to challenge Nath on Star Realms his in game name is banjo.

Christmas Day, the miracle for me was how Nath cleared his plate! Our plates were piled high. I couldn't clear my plate, yet Nath wiped his clean.

Before Nath performed his man verses food Christmas challenge, we played a couple of games of Star Realms Colony Wars. I won our first game when we played with gambits also. While Nath took the second game, which was just a plain vanilla game. There are some awesome cards in Colony Wars, however in a later post I will look at the cards.

Nath and I also played our first Magic the Gathering card game. We used the two thirty card taster packs I was given. Nath had the Gideon Jura White Planeswalker deck, while I had Nissa Revane Green Planeswalker. I got hammered by Nath. I never even got a point of damage in. I nearly had a mighty fourteen points hit land. I had a Terra Stomper fielded, which had trample, and is an 8/8. I summoned Yeva's Forcemage that is a 2/2 creature, but gave a +2/+2 to a target creature when fielded until the end of turn. Which I naturally directed at my Terra Stomper. I then played Titanic Growth that pumped the Terra Stomper with an extra +4/+4 until the end of turn. I then attacked with my fielded 2/2 Prized Unicorn, and 14/14 Terra Stomper. Nath had to block the Prized Unicorn with his creatures because of the text on the Prized Unicorn “All creatures able to block Prized Unicorn do so.” Which meant I'd be smashing Nath for fourteen massive points to his face!

Nath plays the instant Divine Verdict that destroys target attacking or blocking creature. Bam!! That super beefed up Terra Stomper sent to the graveyard.

Two turns later I'm dead, I had nothing to stop Nath's attacks with. That instant by Nath won him the game. I had a chance upto that point.

Oh well we both enjoyed playing the game which is the main point. A fun first experience of the game. Swap colours next time I think.

Oh what games did I get Nath for his Christmas present? Dead Panic, the zombie themed version of Castle Panic, Marvel Legendary Villians and Star Realms Cosmic Gambits.


Star Wars Advent Day 24

So our final piece of Lego joy from this amazing advent calendar is a Santa C3PO!
I've really enjoyed this advent calendar. It really has been great value. For starters look six minifigs were included. The little Lego versions of robots, machines, and ships from the Star Wars universe were inspired bits of Lego design to represent them.
I'm definitely going to get this advent next year (assuming they will do one).